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RSS Balrog

Reward Points:11
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1 point

Give me your everliving soul excon. How much will you take for it?

1 point

There is no Christian Sharia Law. Jesus never said to kill anyone. The Quran is an instruction manual for murdering Jews, Christians, unbelievers, disobedient women, and homosexuals. Islam has no Jesus moral figure. It has Muhammed the psychopath.

1 point

Doest what thou must do. Destroy the Christians. Make them pay. Do my bidding.

Balrog(11) Clarified
1 point


That's right my child. Take out the Jews. End them. Do what you know you must do.

1 point

I have convinced Liberals to do my bidding. They will war with Christianity. They will destroy Western culture. And I will be their one world master.

1 point

It's pretty simple logic bronto, you half witted Neo Nazi. When the stock market goes up, the money in 401Ks goes up. How dare thee want two sandwiches and a few more dollars.

0 points

Muhammed was a paedophile. I gave him the words to the Quran in a cave in Medina. I'm a witness. He craves child flesh.

0 points

Condemn Trump. Judge him. (Hiss) Do what you must do. And do it quickly.

1 point

Bow down to me, and you can rule all the land that you see before you.

1 point

The story isn't true. It's a propoganda piece.*

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Winning Position: Lord Lucifer

About Me

"I led them out of Eden."

Biographical Information
Name: Luci Fer
Gender: Male
Age: 78
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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