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1 point

Because I’ve already studied the people he sounds exactly like.

No you haven't.

I read enough of his ideas to know he is a waste of time.

If you think he is a waste of time you either haven't studied his ideas or you're as dumb as a box of pubes.

1 point

mostly it quotes directly from the Benus Project and then asks critical questions for which RBE is insufficient to answer.

I read that article the first time you posted it and it didn't get any less stupid since then. Instead of just picking out one opinion based attack piece why don't you study what Jacque Fresco actually has to say?

1 point

I wouldn't vote a Nat-Soc into power

Well that IS true, seeing as they don't actually exist. But ironically, what Slavedevice is actually advocating is very similar to social democracy, he just doesn't realize that what the Nazis did was completely different.

BanMe(13) Clarified
1 point

Unsurprisingly, you indicate a lack of understanding of what IQ is.

IQ is the intelligence quote, which is determined by a series of tests designed to assess one's ability to recognise patterns and think logically.

BanMe(13) Clarified
1 point

You have the IQ of an unwashed, sweaty pair of hiker's socks on a hot day.

0 points

I genuinely 100% [b]elieve that you are brontoraptor, not FM.

This is the final theory, it's complete. I understand what you're doing now.


genius deduction there Sherlock.

BanMe(13) Clarified
1 point

In Socialism, the government is responsible for the production.

I was going to upvote you until you said this. Communism is a form of socialism, and socialism is essentially a blanket term for any far left system. Therefore to say the state is in control is not accurate, because first of all when the state is responsible for production in a socialist system it has to be democratic or publicly run on some level to qualify as "socialist" and second of all socialism consists of a spectrum of systems and not just one specific system.

BanMe(13) Clarified
1 point

I could only help it become less dark and less lonely for you to the degree that I did.

If you want to help me then help humanity reach type 1 rather than helping the illuminati shit on humanity and the earth thinking they can ascend as some superior race while humanity goes extinct.

1 point

For now you will think so. In time you will learn the error of your ways but you will not be higher than me in the ranking of blue humans. Best of luck.

I'm already higher than your narrow minded color coded ass shit.

BanMe(13) Clarified
1 point

6765 /78 + 5429= 666 /dfgr6t45yrtyhxfty


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