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RSS BellaSmella

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Let me guess, I'll say ISIS actually stands for Islamic State,and you scrap this piss poor logic. Correct? Of course it is.

---"The foundation of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (German: Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands, SPD) can be traced back to the 1860s, and for much of the 20th and 21st centuries it has represented the centre-left in German politics."

The opposite of a socialist is someone as far right as socialism is left. The Nazis were on the far right.

This is nonsensical. Nothing makes you "opposite of socialism". It's like saying green is the opposite of the number 7.

Hitler was a liar and if you want to believe Hitler 75 years after he was proven to be lying then that's your own stupid fault.

Ad hominem. You are making a blind assessment that everything he ever said is a lie, which isn't true. If he said he was a socialist, then that's what we have to go on. Was Obama a Christian? He said he was. I can also provide you with a highlight real of his lies. Seeing Obama has lied before, does that mean every word he ever said was a lie? By your train of thought, Obama can't be trusted to ever tell the truth in any circumstance, ever.

Atrag put this on one of my posts too. I think he may be a pedophile or something. He sent me a dirty private message too.

BellaSmella(171) Clarified
1 point

What? I think you should be turned in for sexual harassment. I'm only 14.

Why does he think I'm brontoraptor? I don't understand.*

Israel did not even exist while Hitler was alive

Technically true, but it did exist prior to and after. It was also the people who had Israeli bloodlines that he tried to genocide. Hitler blamed everything on the Jews including people having a conscience. He said they invented it. He also praised Islam.

Millions of Muslims fought for the allies against Hitler during WW2.

This debate isn't about that. It's about the ideology of the left vs the ideology of Hitler. Hitler glorified Islam. The modern left glorifies Islam. Watch or listen to any of Hillary or Obama's speeches concerning Islam. Then go look up what Hitler had to say about Islam. Isn't it strange how the left feels hate toward conservatism and intolerance, yet feels right at home next to Islam which is both of those things only more so? Isn't it odd that Hitler, Hillary, Bernie, and Obama have the exact same views on Islam, yet you claim the American right are Nazis despite having almost nothing in common with Hitler's views or actions?

it's science, not politics

Mind control and psychological manipulation as weapons of war isn't politics? Yeah, that's obviously false.

About Me

"I'm in the 8th grade and attend Mercy School in Baltimore, Maryland. I like to bake cookies & pies."

Biographical Information
Name: Bella Sisney
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Jewish
Education: High School

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