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RSS BigOats

Reward Points:813
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1 point

So is that your solution? Truly the work of a genious.

On par with Einsten.

By the way, is he there with you now, or has he been transferred to another ward?

1 point

Maybe there is such a problem and you have solved it, but you haven't shown that to be true. As usual, you expect me to take your word for it. But your word is worth nothing, this very debate is proof to that.

1 point

You truly are dense even the average school kid over here gives this problem as go and use the very information as stated

Show this thread to any mathematitian, and they'll tell you which one of us is "dense". But you'll never do that, being the pathetic ciward you are.

Maybe you could invent a new form of math to help you solve what you cannot solve

maybe but you'll never be able to even comrehend the wording of the problems which I cannot solve.

It's keeping you awake isn't it Big -Oaf ?

Still talking to your dad there, are you methanol? What's keeping him awake? Did you steal his knickers again?

1 point

Funny to hear that from a total bafoon that cannot even use maths .

1 point

You seem to have extreme difficulty in answering a simply stated question

The question isn't simply stated because you've failed to mention WHAT THE BASE OF CALCUSUS IS

Decimal is not the only base

there's binary, octadecimal, hexadecimal - just listing what's used in computers.

But yes, unlike you - I've answered the question. I can get these numbers to add to 100 in base 12. And it's impossible in ANY other base. You don't have the wits to understand my proof, well that's your problem.

1 point

What it means is that some people drink form the fountatin of knowledge, but you've been drinking form the fountain of methanol.

1 point

You never mentioned what the base should be.

Are you now saying that it can only be 10?

Well in base 10 these sums are always a multiple of 9, so no luck for you.

1 point

You "solution" is drinking yourself to a doorknob.

That's the only solution you have.

You don't even remotely understand what maths is.

1 point

Yeah, go ahead and post my solution online

1+2+4+5+6+7+8+93 = 100 (base 12)

and say that I "can't do simple addition"

You'll hear laughter allright.

1 point

If you're a saint as you claim, think about this: would Jesus have asked such a question?

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Winning Position: Disagree with ISIS
Winning Position: Probably
Winning Position: I'm an ethnophobic bigot
Winning Position: Yes

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"I will not be politically correct. The truth shall set you free."

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Russia
Religion: Christian-other
Education: College Grad

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