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RSS BillOreilly

Reward Points:26
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1 point

Without America, Europe would have been taken over and burned to the ground long ago.

2 points

He doesn't think things out that far. No liberals do. It's why liberalism always eats itself. He's in the no spin zone.

1 point

What you SEE is the natural progression of an expanding economy that began under Obama... Trump has NOTHING to do with those economic numbers..

Obama admin the first to never top 3% in annual GDP growth

The DOW is headed down right now..

The DOW has went up this week, and is 5,000 points higher than Obama's record high DOW numbers.

1 point

But, nobody said progress is easy.. But, I think it's doable.

When libs say progress, they mean two steps back.

1 point

In other words, unlike what you said the other day, you are an open borders Marxist.

1 point

Yes, there are slums.. But, by an overwhelming majority, MOST Mexicans live in small rural communities that are miles away from a city..

That's the Mexico I'm referring to.. It simply ISN'T the drug and sex trafficking shithole you and Trump think it is.

Then there's no reason for them to jump our borders and enter illegaly.

1 point

If I have black friends, that means I have white privilege? Face palm. You've entered the no spin zone. Having black friends makes you a privileged racist. That's double spin. No, that's lying and spinning and triple lying spin.

-5 points
BillOreilly(26) Clarified
-5 points
1 point

Maybe, maybe not, but as of right now, we have no nano technology to produce food at no cost, so Socialism isn't particularly helpful pre nano.

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