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RSS Biteme09

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I think smoking tobacco (cigerettes, cigars and pipe tobacco) should be banned and not all tobacco products such as dips and chews. The reason for this is the health risk for second hand and third hand contact and the civil rights/liberties of the non users that it imposes on. Somone argued that people will still find a way around the ban and get there fix somehow so the gov. should get its cut... Well let them get there fix just in a smokless form and the gov. can still get its cut without it imposing on non users. But how much of the monies collected are being spent in healthcare for the problems it causes? I think its stupid that you have to be 18 in order to buy it to get the first hand or mainstream form of smoke but you can be an infant and get all the second and third hand or sidestream contact without your control and for the person that brought up the point about abortions killing more and so banning tobacco wouldnt be at the top of their list, well let me guess it should be banned because of the civil liberties and rights to life that it has before birth, well why should they disappear once they are born because they are going home to a household that smokes in the home and its exposed to second hand and third hand contact because it cant up and walk somewhere smoke free. So while you should have the right to harm yourself if you choose, i.e mouth, throat, neck cancer etc. You should not have the right to impose on the civil rights and liberties of those who are non users because of second and third hand contact.

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