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RSS BittahDemon

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2 points

Most of the taxes that are put into place by this new government are tariffs, taxes on imports and exports. How exactly do you suppose that implementing these tariffs will give the government the power to “take your property”? The enumerated powers granted to the government in the Articles of Confederation include the power to tax, to regulate commerce, to raise/maintain armed forces, and to establish a Post Office (page 294-295). These are all things that are put into place to help put structure in our government that benefits the people, not manipulate the people and try to steal their land.

1 point

The central government only controls things that the states could not handle regulating on their own. For example, states thought that they could manage having their own currencies. This was until we had states going bankrupt. Shifting power to the central government is allowing our nation to function properly and smoothly as possible. Look at the enumerated powers; no branch of government has unlimited power. These enumerated powers limit what the branches of government are allowed to have control over (page 302). You also bring up the point that people on the supreme court are appointed, but you fail to talk about the members of the Congress are elected by direct popular vote to represent the people!

2 points

Checks and balances! The system of checks and balances was put into place for this reason exactly. There are three branches of government, all of them responsible for holding each other accountable, and the power is distributed evenly within these branches. James Madison said it himself in Federalist 51 when he said, “It may be a reflection on human nature, that such devices [checks and balances] should be necessary to control the abuses of government.” Take that, anti-fed!

3 points

You anti-feds are too afraid of change! Not all change is bad, and the shift of power to the central government will benefit our nation. Just because the power is placed towards the center does not make it like a dictatorship. We are not Britain! This new government does the opposite; it favors the liberties of the people. Its system of checks and balances distributes power among the different branches to keep one branch from getting too big.

2 points

Anti-feds don’t support the government being able to tax individuals, but the power to tax is necessary in order to repay our nation’s debts and provide a strong military to protect the people of our country. Without the power to tax, the country loses power as a whole. Federalist 10 talks about breaking up the current factions our government has, and giving taxing powers to the central government achieves this goal.

3 points

The necessary and proper clause is no way of putting a loophole into the government. The clause will only allow execution of power that has already been granted by the Constitution. Federalist 33 states that the clause is implied within the Constitution; Congress was given power so they must be able to execute their power.

2 points

Anti-federalists think that the Constitution is granting too much power to the federal courts, but I completely disagree. The federal courts have limited jurisdiction, and this leaves a lot of cases to state/local courts. The new federal courts are a good thing to have moving forward in this new government, and it helps uphold checks and balances on the different branches of government. These federal courts guarantee the people their freedoms and protect them from abuse of government. This relates to the system of checks and balances that is discussed in Federalist 51 (pg 318).

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