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RSS BobBarker

Reward Points:5
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1 point

But nothing to say about the constant harassment of professionals by organised Jewish campaign groups, including one poor old aged Austrian lady who has JAILED for questioning the Holocaust.

One rule for you. The opposite rule for everybody else. You make me sick. Fascist scum.

0 points

The anti gay leader of the Westboro Church is a Democrat

Oh God you're just SUCH a retarded partisan hack. Fred Phelps DIED in 2014. Furthermore, he was thrown out of the Westboro Baptist Church BEFORE he died.

3 points

Nope. If we go electric, the Chinese will create combustion vehicles in mass and dominate the vehicle industry in less than a year. Then we get to figure out where to dump the batteries

Ahahaha! Oh God, you're just SO UNFATHOMABLY STUPID.

You know electric cars are rechargeable, right? You don't throw them away after a week.

What do you do with the batteries which are already used in petrol cars you gigantic idiot?

The way you try to invent non-existent problems to justify your insane neo-Nazi rhetoric is ridiculous. Shut the fuck up.


BobBarker(5) Clarified
2 points

Which direction to you believe the causal arrow goes in the correlation between crime, poverty, single parenthood, and culture?

Why do you believe a correlation is the same thing as a causation?

You write such stupid things. Why are Jews so stupid? Please clarify.

-5 points
1 point

You ain't proved shit you Dumb Ass

Time dilation proves that time travelling to the past is possible and I have explained why and how. Go and do something useful like cutting off your own head.

0 points

Three accounts you argued with recently including fingerbang have been Factmachine.

I wasn't sure with Fingerbang whether it was FM or Bronto trying to impersonate FM. His views didn't seem to align with FM's, only the writing style.

-2 points
-1 points

I didn't fuck up, I planned ahead.

No you didn't you pitiful retard. That would require the gift of telepathy. You had no idea when or if I would reply and therefore you had no means to know when to hit the switch button. You posted on the wrong side of the debate, changed your mind like a retard, and caught me in the middle of a reply.

0 points

Why does it say "Disputed" in orange letters on the message then?

Because presumably you hit the big blue "switch" button at the same time I was writing a reply to you.

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