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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

HAY DUMMY do you forget that LUNCH BUCKET JOE said if you want a gun buy a shotgun?

Who the Christ is Lunch Bucket Joe? Is this one of your moonshine drinking buddies from the cotton farm?

1 point

Trump is just a symptom. The world has been going to hell for a long time, which is the reason someone like him was ever able to gain power in the first place.

1 point

This Elitist has lost her mind !

Right buddy. Doing WHAT EVERY OTHER CIVILISED COUNTRY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD DOES, is your interpretation of "losing your mind"?

What's your interpretation of sanity? A heavy LSD addiction?

1 point

Yet another completely transparent political stunt by your personal boss, the fat orange Nazi:-

The president donated his paycheck to the Department of Education, but still wants to cut $9.2 billion from its budget.

Trump's salary donation is a publicity stunt

Give your Nazi propaganda a rest please, you useless imbecile.

1 point

YouTube investigating right-wing pundit Steven Crowder for harassing host

Interesting. An openly biased far right "pundit" (i.e. idiot) claims Hitler was a liberal on his Youtube channel and that's your interpretation of "debunking" decades worth of peer-reviewed research?

You're another Brontoraptor alt, aren't you? You goddamned moron.

2 points


You laughably stupid clown. Private videos made by overt corporate shills and uploaded to Youtube do not debunk history. Open a book you stupid idiot:-

The National Socialist German Workers' Party, commonly referred to in English as the Nazi Party, [5] was a far-right political party in Germany that was active between 1920 and 1945.

The Nazi Party was one of a number of right-wing extremist political groups that emerged in Germany following World War I.

Claiming Hitler was a liberal is Nazi propaganda manufactured by modern Nazis who are trying to disassociate themselves with Hitler by any means possible.

Get out please.

1 point

That's why church isn't a good place to get your science.

Neither is a profiteering ancestry business, dumbass.

1 point

Banning things seem to work so the LEFTIST say !

Works great over here mate. We have approximately 50-60 gun deaths a year compared to the 40,000 per year in the US.

0 points

How do you stop the lib media from inspiring mass shooters

I see you've started your wave of Nazi spam again.

Your goosestepping anti-left bullshit is so stupid.

You're an idiot.

1 point

Limey how are those gun laws working out in Chicago ?

How are the lack of gun laws working out?

Oh, only 115,000 people shot per year? That's awesome. Clearly no issues there.

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