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1 point

Does it matter if I've had a child or not? Have you ever had a relative that was murdered? Even if you haven't you can still believe murder is wrong.

1 point

Sentience is present in some other life forms but not many. Dolphins show signs of extreme intelligence, there is a possibility of sentience among them. Rats are known to possess the ability to show empathy, another sign of sentience. A cow is definitely not sentient and neither is a wolf or a lion or other creatures that rely nearly entirely on instinct to live their lives. A majority of the possibly sentient animals are close to humans either on the evolutionary tree or in intelligence and that is where the sentience demonstrates its strongest form.

1 point

If the mother cannot afford to keep the child, put it up for adoption. It's as simple as that.

1 point

At what point does it convert from abortion to murder? When the baby comes out of the womb? I don't think passing through a small hole changes your status as a human being unless I am mistaken. The only logical argument to make for abortion being legal is a case in which the mother's life (not health but life) is in danger. If the mother is in fact going to die from childbirth, then abortion is appropriate. If a woman is raped that does not justify her to murder a child. There is no reason to murder a child in that situation. There has been no evidence to suggest that bad behavior or immorality is genetic. The baby won't be a rapist just because its father was. If the mother can't support the baby she can always put it up for adoption. Any argument for abortion can be countered by adoption except the case in which the mother's life is at stake. If the mother deserves rights to her body where are the rights of the child? Why just because the baby can't open its eyes yet it suddenly doesn't have the right to a free life? The Declaration of Independence specifically states that each man is born equal with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Just because a fully developed baby hasn't been born yet it suddenly loses those rights? Not to mention the process by which they perform an abortion is just vile. One method of an abortion is the crack the baby's skull open and suck the brains out so the skull collapses and they can pull the body out. Does that sound humane? Doesn't that sound like a sick way to go? Having your skull crushed before you even have a chance to open your eyes and see the world?

1 point

Chimpanzees are close enough on the evolutionary tree that they exist in a gray area of sentience. The clinically retarded (depending on exactly what is wrong with them) have little to no experience of the world around them. At least not to the full extent compared to someone who is not clinically retarded. The clinically retarded can still experience the world but will not feel the same kind of emotions as someone who is mentally normal. Therefore someone who is clinically retarded (once again depending on their condition) is not as sentient as someone who is not.

1 point

The poor staying poor is their own fault. There are 3 easy ways to make sure you're not poor in America: graduate high school, get a job, don't have kids until you're married. If you do those 3 things you will not be poor in America. Don't try to argue saying that the black community has a disadvantage or any of that nonsense because if you look at Morgan Freeman who said in several of his interviews that he had a rough life growing up but he didn't let it stop him from becoming successful. The same applies to any non-white successful person. Race has nothing to do with being poor and now that welfare exists, economy and environment have nothing to do with it either it's all about people and their determination and willingness to work for what they want.

1 point

There have been countless studies on GMOs to ensure their safety for public consumption. The FDA, USDA, and EPA conduct 13 years of research and testing before ever allowing the food to touch the shelves. If it wasn't safe they wouldn't release it that's the law and if they don't do their job and someone gets sick or mutated by food they didn't check, they get fired, fined, and even jailed. Scientists and researchers confirmed that genetically modified salmon are completely safe to eat and that was back in 2003. It still hasn't hit the shelves because store owners know people want organic and are scared of GMO's no matter how many professionals tell them it's ok. We have never eaten a genetically modified animal before because the people who would sell them don't want to lose money off the risk that the fearful and uneducated public will refuse to buy genetically modified meat. It's ridiculous that anyone would believe their offspring will be mutated due to them eating a fish that grew faster than its brother.

1 point

I believe political parties will always exist as long as people disagree on anything, however, George Washington said the downfall of America would come from creating separate parties and from foreign interaction and both of those things are happening and causing issues in the U.S. I find it best the eradicate political parties if we want to truly live as equal human beings since equality cannot be achieved if we continuously divide ourselves.

1 point

All living things consist of the same basic components: the ability to grow and adapt, the ability to develop physically, being made up of living cells, requiring some outside substance to sustain life force, etc. There are many things that are scientifically "living" but if you are referring to sentient life then only humans are truly alive.

1 point

So it's not ok to send money to the people that bust their ass to grow our food?

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