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2 points

Cell Phones are necessary in certain classrooms for research purposes and to contact family members when someone needs a ride. However, students should not have access to phones until after class ends.

1 point

So you'd condone the ending of a potential new Einstein or a new person that could find the cures to various diseases or potentially revolutionize the world? For all we know the world could be such a better place today due to someone significant but they were killed in the womb.

2 points

So if we just rip your heart out of your body and cut it into pieces for no particular reason that shouldn't be an issue right? I mean it's not a living thing it's just a bundle of cells. According to your logic, as long as its just a bundle of cells that cant think on its own it doesn't deserve to exist so we can just go ahead and take out your heart, lungs, stomach, liver, any part of you that's just a useless pile of unintelligent cells because that is 100% justifiable.

2 points

It should be illegal because all it does is mainstream the delusion of a serious mental illness that needs to be addressed and cared for in a proper manner instead of just providing the option to change one's gender and subject them to more mental torment from society. They should be treated like a bipolar person or any other person experiencing a mental disorder.

2 points

So where's the advantage in taking away a potential human life?

1 point

Does it matter if I've had a child or not? Have you ever had a relative that was murdered? Even if you haven't you can still believe murder is wrong.

1 point

Sentience is present in some other life forms but not many. Dolphins show signs of extreme intelligence, there is a possibility of sentience among them. Rats are known to possess the ability to show empathy, another sign of sentience. A cow is definitely not sentient and neither is a wolf or a lion or other creatures that rely nearly entirely on instinct to live their lives. A majority of the possibly sentient animals are close to humans either on the evolutionary tree or in intelligence and that is where the sentience demonstrates its strongest form.

1 point

If the mother cannot afford to keep the child, put it up for adoption. It's as simple as that.

1 point

At what point does it convert from abortion to murder? When the baby comes out of the womb? I don't think passing through a small hole changes your status as a human being unless I am mistaken. The only logical argument to make for abortion being legal is a case in which the mother's life (not health but life) is in danger. If the mother is in fact going to die from childbirth, then abortion is appropriate. If a woman is raped that does not justify her to murder a child. There is no reason to murder a child in that situation. There has been no evidence to suggest that bad behavior or immorality is genetic. The baby won't be a rapist just because its father was. If the mother can't support the baby she can always put it up for adoption. Any argument for abortion can be countered by adoption except the case in which the mother's life is at stake. If the mother deserves rights to her body where are the rights of the child? Why just because the baby can't open its eyes yet it suddenly doesn't have the right to a free life? The Declaration of Independence specifically states that each man is born equal with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Just because a fully developed baby hasn't been born yet it suddenly loses those rights? Not to mention the process by which they perform an abortion is just vile. One method of an abortion is the crack the baby's skull open and suck the brains out so the skull collapses and they can pull the body out. Does that sound humane? Doesn't that sound like a sick way to go? Having your skull crushed before you even have a chance to open your eyes and see the world?

1 point

Chimpanzees are close enough on the evolutionary tree that they exist in a gray area of sentience. The clinically retarded (depending on exactly what is wrong with them) have little to no experience of the world around them. At least not to the full extent compared to someone who is not clinically retarded. The clinically retarded can still experience the world but will not feel the same kind of emotions as someone who is mentally normal. Therefore someone who is clinically retarded (once again depending on their condition) is not as sentient as someone who is not.

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