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i don't agree with this. Insecurity is caused by many things, one of them being bullying. Bullying can create a spark in the negative area of the mind, to then maybe adapting to something worse (depending on your emotional level). Even if the government put in more severe consequences for bullies, they won't really change. Unless you do something horrific like threaten to physically murder them or their family (which is quite frankly, illegal). Bullies won't change. Furthermore, insecurity can be caused if you were born with a disability or have developed a mental health issue. Unfortunately, there are many ways to causing insecurities.

1 point

I don't think uniforms should be banned. Mainly because many people have a limited wardrobe, so it is 85% guaranteed that you are going to wear the same outfit within a week/fortnight. This can cause people to judge others based on being "poor" because of the "lack of clothes". Also, lots of people have different tastes in clothes, so many people will be judged on what they wear, just on one day. Having a uniform creates a somewhat equality throughout the school, so clothing is not a problem. If it was banned, the problem i just explained will be another problem on top of all the others (bullying in general, racism, etc.) I would say that having an own clothes day once every few months would be okay.

1 point

OK. First off, the term "trannies" is an offensive word to Transgender people.


If you want to join the army, you need to have the motivation to do so. Just because a man has transitioned to a woman, doesn't mean that they ALWAYS "need" to do their makeup. If they join the army, they'll have to have the determination to get in. If they get through, great, if they don't, they didn't do a good enough job. And that is a common thing. You are clearly being close minded about this, since (from my knowledge) i don't think you're even aloud to wear makeup when you're in the army, plus you don't really need it. If they're able to get through all the training and get the position they wanted, they're capable.

1 point

People who are disagreeing have valid points but, with being grateful for what you have and whatnot, it's not like we can do much about those people in Africa etc. We can donate money and the courageous older people can go there and physically help. I'm not saying that I don't feel sorry for the people in need of food and water. I'm just being logical.

On the other hand, lots of schools have a variety of drinks to choose from, so chocolate milk shouldn't be, yet another, drink to be consumed. This is just a question of would you like chocolate milk to drink in schools? Yes some would because it's tasty. Children in schools can't really do much about the people in need. They are so used to being around shops with a lot of food and drink in, and food to eat in school, they are overwhelmed with the choices. Moreover, you can't just live a life around variety if you're only going to drink water, are you? All the choices out there, and people just want to try something else. Does chocolate milk exist? Yes. Is it available? Yes. Can we drink it? If you're allowed/able to. People are grateful, but if you live around so much variety, you aren't going to stay closed to everything. And i doubt you adults just drink water. Tea, coffee, alcohol, fizzy drinks, etc etc. Just because they are young and have "much to learn", doesn't mean you need to forcefully make them be grateful to EVERYTHING.

It's chocolate milk. Deal with it. I could go on about this but I fear iv'e written too much :o .

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