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RSS Callisto

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

That you suck as a person and they don't want to bother with you. Either that or you are a lost cause and they don't want you to drag their numbers down.

1 point

You keep misunderstanding what people say and accusing them of being an ableist. Sounds like you have a prejudice against people who aren't disabled.

2 points

Yes. You have to prove you are disabled when you park in a handicap spot so you should prove your pet is a service animal.

2 points

Atheists practicing Laveyan Satanism are killing young girls.

The title is an contradiction.

2 points

No he didn't but you did just prove his.

1 point

No one chooses the color of skin they are born into. People aren't a Nazi by birth, they choose to follow that ideology.

1 point

If they are swearing to follow the law of the land than they should swear on the constitution.

1 point

Merry Christmas to you to.......................................

1 point

"It is the poor who habitually elect Democrats... yet they are still poor."

Republican president giving tax breaks to the rich and screwing over those in student debt isn't helping the poor either.

1 point

Yes but the cats really don't care....................................

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Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States

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