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It always amazes me how Liberals look at our money as their own to do with what they want.

It always amazes me how capitalists think our labour is there's to profit from.

Here we have Liberal excon telling us that Trump borrows several trillion dollars to throw at the economy.

That's cause he did, dingus.

excon thinks that our hard earned money belongs to his big federal Government to redistribute as they please.

You can either have collectivism or a few people forcing the majority to work for them so they can do none of the work and get virtually all of the reward. Pick your poison.

These big spending Socialists need to CUT SPENDING just once in their corrupt lives.

There has never been a socialist with any significant power in the history of the US government. All of your problems are caused by capitalists.

Deregulation's is not borrowing money. It is giving back to the job creators what belongs to them!

Job creator is code for rich people and belongs to them is code for exploiting other people's labour and the resources that don't belong to anyone inherently and exist on earth regardless of human social constructs.

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Tell that to the millions of fatherless children living in this self love culture.

There where fatherless children before "Self love culture". And if you want to see some real selfishness and "self love" just look at the fat, greedy billionares who get rich off of what other people produce thanks to your glorious capitalist philosophy.

Without God, you are as blind as a bat.

Yeah ok buddy. I was religious when I was a kid, I grew out of it once my brain started to mature. I guess that didn't happen for you.

1 point

One possessing the moral character to refrain from having sex with any woman he would never marry

I see, so in order to be a strong man you have to be given permission by a christian priest to stick your noodle in your girlfriend's pot.

One possessing the pride and self esteem to work hard, live within his means, never expecting tax payer handouts.

Welp, I guess that disqualifies any banker or politician from being a strong man.

One willing to voluntarily help others in need.

Then stop raving about abortion, drunk drivers, and the fact that no one cares about your stupid religion on an internet forum and give some homeless people a sandwich.

One who understands the importance of discipline for his children, but always carried out from a place of love.

Yes I'm sure you would beat your kids for not believing as you do very lovingly if they ever decided to be atheists.

Without faith in God, strong men are becoming extinct in today's culture.

There where strong men long before your religion existed and there will be long after it is gone.

3 points

You're absolutely right Nom. If I was a Jew, I wouldn't call myself a Jew, Because everything about Judaism is a lie. It's a lie that Jews are Hebrews, it's a lie that Jews are a race, and Judaism is a lie not only because it is a religion but it is a religion which encourages lying to everyone as long as they're not a Jew.

Judaism is more like a gang these days then a race or religion, it is a mafia-like club of people who think they're better than everyone else who rely on the most deviously capitalistic means to covet all the wealth into the hands of their own "race".

1 point

Liberals claim 75 genders.

Conservatives claim that science is evil and that a magic spirit in the sky created mankind rather than evolution.

Liberals claim there will one day be a magic utopia

Conservatives claim that capitalism creates a utopia with millions of people homeless and starving.

once they massacre the whites

Because the second other races become equal the right goes from oppressing them to whining about being oppressed like SJW cuck snowflake pussy fags.

and end capitalism.

Capitalism is the idea that certain people should just be given everything they want and other people have to work for those people to produce magical social construct points that serve as an excuse for those people to control resources and control people. Instead of working for humanity or for yourself capitalism forces people to work for a handful of fat greedy pigs.

Liberals say a man should act like a woman.

Liberals say that you should act however you want. Conservatives say that if you don't worship the military, the government, traditional values and the Lurd that you are a minge biscuit cheese stroodle.

Lies heaped upon lies heaped upon stupidity heaped upon psychopathy and mental illness. Welcome to Conservatism.

1 point

You can fight tyranny and make a difference folks, all you have to do is give me money.

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