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RSS ChiefToad

Reward Points:136
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2 points

have seen you and Nom flood it just as much. Bronto has simply accelerated lately, he evens out periodically while Nom goes ham.

Even if we blasted the site like he does it's still not half as bad because our sole intention in doing so is not to flip reality upside down and promote the antithesis of truth.

2 points

It's not fair to even call them debates, because he just shitposts alt-right hate speech and spams factually empty narratives resurrected from Hitler speeches. There's no option to disagree with him. He's a parasitic, myopic little partisan shill with 200 accounts, no brain and a huge fucking mouth.

My thoughts exactly bro. I'm getting more and more fed up with his endless waves of Israeli counter-intelligence strikes.

ChiefToad(136) Clarified
1 point

I wouldn't say he's a Milo-type or an AJ-type. He's definitely more JP and PJW and I'd say Reagan and Thomas Jefferson are strong influences too.

There is another influence I'm not sure of. He seems to think Islam is the literal anti-christ and I've heard that before but I'm not sure where he gets it.

1 point

If we measure the overall time spent, I reckon you, Bronto and Nom are all exactly equally obsessed with this website which leads me onto another theory I have.

Then why are Bronto's debates the ones flooding the site?

1 point

I am genuinely telling you this; the moon is a supernatural disc-like object. It is not the sphere you are told it is.

I saw the all seeing eye on my bagel so bagels must be an illusion.

2 points

BuzzFeed’s stumble is highest-profile misstep at a time when press is under greatest scrutiny. You want to debate that.

I'm not a liberal or a democrat and I don't follow BuzzFeed you worthless idiot.

1 point

Oh look, another evil capitalist being labelled as a "lib" by the most politically and scientifically illiterate fool on the internet.

1 point

This is not caused by technology but by how we use technology, the way we use technology is the result of how society operates, society operates under capitalism. Capitalism is slowing humanity's evolution.

2 points

Nom is 6000 times less of one than you. Nom doesn't spend ten hours a day watching Ben Shapiro and Stephan Molyneux on youtube then repeating everything they say on CD.

1 point

Whilst Russia fought with all the ferocity of an army whose homeland had been invaded they could not have defeated Germany without a Second Front and there wouldn't have been a Second Front without the United States.

You're missing one key thing, USSR did 70% of the fighting. But fuck them, America was the key to victory because capitalism is automatically the best thing ever just for being capitalism.

The British were also brave and defiant, but wholly incapable of taking the fight to the enemy never mind defeating Germany's vastly superior forces.

Yes, they are surely more worthy of praise than the ones who did the most damage to the Nazis, the USSR. Even though the British and the Americans supported Hitler at first and condoned his eugenics program until it threatened the balance of power in the west. Only the USSR stood up to them from the beginning but of course they are evil because they aren't capitalists.



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