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RSS Chinaman

Reward Points:291
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Wood that be the best accomplishment you have made in life.

1 point

Being proud of masturbating creates a real problem for you.

2 points

The bent think they must live in the past to try and avoid history. Check with the Anti-Semites in Congress they live in lock step with Hitler.

Chinaman(291) Clarified
2 points

Is it possible she and her terrorist friends will bomb the Capital Bldg?

Does she know Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's Pakistani friends?

2 points

MN is crawling with a Somali population and that's what a generous welfare system does. The Somali congresswoman wants open borders so more of her brothers and sisters will flood the state and destroy the welfare system there.

2 points

Last night you can say Popeye was carrying on the Democrat tradition wearing a white sheet.

1 point

Understanding words has become a failing or shortcoming of the Democrat party. To put it into other terms a lack or shortage of understanding.

Patriotism is the quality of being patriotic; devotion to and vigorous support for one's country. If you view that as a mental disorder then you have a mental defect.

What more can be said about your mental disorder.

Chinaman(291) Clarified
1 point

The Daily beast is well named . As they are as mindless a rabid Beast.

2 points

Smith calls Brady in particular "unnerving" because at a send-off rally Brady led a chant of "we're still here" which sounded to Smith suspiciously like "build the wall," or "lock her up."

So any three words put together now is racist. or is it sexist?

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Country: China

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