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RSS Chinaman

Reward Points:162
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Miss McCarthy was last seen running across a field pursued by a man in a white coat brandishing an enormous butterfly net.

2 points

Democrats are depending on the children now.

When the Democrats put a 9 year old forward as a straw use expert you know they are literally straws.

That is funny right there.

2 points

Bernie walks into a bar........

Yells, "Free drinks for the house........Who's paying?"

His sidekick AOC stands there throughly confused about what is happening.

3 points

The Democrats constantly fail to even articulate impeachable offenses. "Let's impeach him because of our feelings!"

If only the Constitution accommodated their feelings.

2 points

She will absolutely love my new design for women's urinals. No reason they should be able to take a load off their feet to urinate. Men don't have that luxury! I have the design and moving forward marketing the urinals to all types of venues including all school districts across America.

2 points

Mr.Van Spronsen is a victim that will not be noticed by the national media. He was a chess piece in a game played by leftist elitist and just collateral damage to them.

Here is a eulogy of sorts for the fallen minion.

"You were Antifa you are now a grease spot and that began the inevitable purge. As a matter of fact you got the party started."

2 points

It would appear to me that 18% of our population need to live in Venezuela for a month or two to get the full effect of the socialism they wish to embrace. They might like to eat out of garbage trucks.

2 points

If the president had legions of drag queens marching in formation Democrats would all be shrieking the word fabulous.

3 points

Let's compromise paint a rainbow on one of the tanks, every one will be happy.

2 points

Obama always made everything about himself. He campaigned endlessly without being criticized. We’re not a banana republic. We’re not the oldest democracy. We’re also not a democracy, but a representative republic and it’s a tank. Get over it.

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