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RSS Chinaman

Reward Points:410
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Poor Hillary.She’s so desperate for attention she travels half way round the world to find someone interested in her.

Hillary immediately being out of the country and on her way to some extradition-proof safe harbor is the point.

2 points

Tom is surprised that there are actually people out there who worship God and not their government.

Must be very frustrating for the party that needs to control the people like a 3rd world country does.

3 points

I propose to start a petition demanding that Boston University's economic department be investigated for actually granting this blithering idiot a degree. It is not possible, you would think, that someone as stupid as Ocasio-Cortez would actually be able to do college-level work.

This may possibly the dumbest human being ever elected to Congress. And yes, I know that's saying a lot.

1 point

I heard you can get even a better than $6 price on Stub Bubba. You can get in with just a few shovels full of manure and you can get a wagon load to take home to the crops by just attending. But there is one problem with that I wouldn't want anything fertilized by that. Might get mutant vegetables.

1 point

I can't wait to hear about the lawsuit from the family of the patient that dies after being given this medication without a prescription and not under the supervision of a medical provider.

Whatever happened to condoms?

-1 points

The California delegation proudly welcomes these "freedom seeking" criminals & encourages them to vote Democratic (no i.d. necessary) upon arrival to help fight all those evil bigots who seek to enforce U.S. immigration laws.

-1 points

I think maybe a recall vote may be in order here. Need to redistrict this dangerous radical out of office. Or maybe start in his district and seize all their guns and make them totally rely on government to protect them. See how that works. In no way will I ever give up my guns. I'll give them the bullets first. Hope he can catch. They come pretty fast.

It seems to me that you seek to start American Revolution 2.0... Be careful: you will not survive it.

2 points

I can't wait for two more years of shrill lectures about what a hateful, racist, sexist, homophobic, deplorable knuckle-dragging mouth-breather I am, punctuated by constant coughing and fainting spells. sounds like fun. Time to stock up the Scooby van's wet bar with vodka and hot sauce.

2 points

Headline should read: Privileged white woman with no more than 1/64th Native American ancestry engages in act of cultural appropriation using oppressed people for political gain.

The whole Warren thing has been the best entertainment even better than Stormy.

4 points

So Trump should sign her a check for $976.56 or about 1/1024th of $1 million and call it a day.

Does this mean we get to reclassify Obama as white? He's got more white ancestry than Warren has Native American. Guess America still hasn't had a black president you Democrat suckers!

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