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RSS Chinaman

Reward Points:307
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Obama never lied neither do Libtards. Hillary always spoke the truth.

1 point

Where was the need for a plan before Obama you Non-Liberal.

1 point

Ancient artifacts should be discredited at all levels and history should be rewritten by Libtards.

1 point

Libtards are not suppose to be misogynistic or serial predators. Try to keep it together.

1 point

All have learned here that you are the Class Clown

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha

1 point

NFL players are protesting what exactly and what have their protests accomplished

1 point

Particle of the i'm not a Libtard exists you are now winning everyone over.

1 point

90 percent of the current flock are Jewish Atheist

Bwa ha ha ha ha

1 point

The outrageous election of Trump is absolutely appalling for the Non- Libtards

-2 points
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Winning Position: White People are "The Reason Why Guns Are A Problem" says a Rapper
Winning Position: Julia Louis-Dreyfus uses Breast Cancer diagnosis to push for Universal Health Care
Winning Position: Justice Dinosaur Ginsburg says Hillary lost because Sexism
Winning Position: Two Years after embracing Racial Protests Mizzou Football is a Dumpster Fire
Winning Position: Shooting at Tennessee Church Of Christ. One Dead and Six Wounded
Winning Position: NASCAR owners will fire Drivers and Crew if they kneel during National Anthem
Winning Position: Born Trans-confused that is a fallacy

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