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RSS Chinaman

Reward Points:414
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Get Samantha and her cronies some nice brown shirts. Time for them to formally declare themselves.

Sam Bee has gone Full Anal.

5 points

Vicious and despicable attacks like this are not helping the Democrats.

Hollywood Democrat values are destroying the voter base of the Democrat party.

3 points

This diseased thing needs to be put to sleep. Democrats push a demented narrative like this and then bath in all it's glory as if the story is really true.

4 points

Democrats have reached the height of madness. Democrats are seeking a way to marry chickens. Noah's stomach tells him so.

4 points

Socialism the gift that keeps on giving.

Making rich nations poor and poor nations starve.

2 points

The swamp critter needs to be hunted down before he gets too rabid.

Colin go and find a real job before you have to be put down for foaming at the mouth.

2 points

Well bye bye. Maybe those will be replaced with players that actually want to play the game.

I will be watching Johnny Football light up the CFL . Great exciting football and they aren't whining millionaires talking about how oppressed they are.

3 points

So children who are of an age where they have difficulty picking what socks to wear any given day are being indoctrinated with this nonsense.

3 points

Pelosi has armed guards but how dare we protect the children with armed guards that have guns. It is blatantly obvious that the Democrats do not want innocent people protected but if those innocents cross the border that reaches a level for them. Pelosi proves once again she is a dimwit.

5 points

The previous American president is anti-American. It's only fitting that his Secretary of Education is anti-education. Lets run this rabbit down a hole.

Ok, Arne.

Exactly what gun laws do you propose exactly.

What is the ultimate fix you desire.

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Country: China

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