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RSS Chinaman

Reward Points:371
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10 most recent arguments.
3 points

An a avid Socialist speaks. Obama is not concerned with children they are nothing more than a pawn in the Socialist narrative.The end game for a Socialist like Obama is a full blown Dictatorship and a Brown Shirt police force to confiscate all weapons.

2 points

Sand Rats having a Muslim Bookstore in Democrat Chicago is nothing new but Ted firing up the enemy of the U.S. is a classic move.

3 points

Ill informed is an understatement as to how illiterate the Democratic voter base is. Campus Reform punked them out.

4 points

The press wants people to take to the streets because they do not want transparency from their government ! This is Orwellian on steroids.

Be careful what you wish for Deutsch (surprisingly similar to douche, coincidence?)

2 points

We don't have to imagine it we experienced how they treated Bo.

Lying for him, protecting him, pretty much providing political fellatio for him.

That image might help Democrats understand a word that does not compute with them.

2 points

Limousine riding Democrats love the extermination of human life so long as they profit from it. People like Cecile need many more illegal aliens in the country under the guise that the Democrats care about them.

1 point

Is she not the illegitimate daughter of Bill Clinton and had she spent time in Arkansas. Question needs to asked.

1 point

Democrats must return to their entrenched roots.

The ridiculous women's march is not about women it's about leftist ideology.

This woman's march nonsense has so many women tricked into thinking it has something to do with women. It's nothing more than the money donated into the coffers of the rally organizers.

3 points

Send Socialist Bernie first and follow him up with the Socialist Sean Penn and they should be able to straighten out Maduro and his way of Socialism and help the masses.

2 points

A critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success is Illegal Immigration there is no compassion on the Democrat side of the aisle for those they say are the downtrodden. Illegal's are just a tool for their agenda.

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