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RSS Chinaman

Reward Points:358
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Will you Demorats ever quit crying that Billary was a straight up loser ?

1 point

BWA HA HA HA you still whining site clown !!!! Watch your CNN when Roy wins cry your river of tears you fucking Commie.

1 point

Al did you not work for any corporation during your working years ?

1 point

Al the money flows from the top to the bottom. Capitalism creates employment are you blind to it ?

1 point

Are you confused ? Thought the top feeders were living off the bottom feeders that buy their products and you must be one because you bought a computer.

1 point

Nuclear power is going to provide you with a fossil fuel for your burners ? Now your lack of intelligence is shining !!!!!!!

3 points

Are you here to presume you are intelligent ? Who cares ! Are you lacking the support your mommy and daddy didn't give you ?

1 point

So Antarctica is going to get nuclear sources for heat ! You are on the cutting edge !

2 points

Ill-informed describes you perfectly ! Consumable goods in Antarctica come from where the government ?

1 point

Don't those burners need propane to provide heat ? Does the government provide that fossil fuel for you ?

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Gender: Guy
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: China

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