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RSS ChuckNorris0

Reward Points:9
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ChuckNorris0(9) Clarified
0 points

The higher the level of testosterone, the greater the tendency toward aggression. (This is oversimplified, obviously.)

It's a complete crock of shit. In fact most of your writing is shockingly misinformed.

hormones do not directly change behaviour

1 point

Of course not Al. Free market capitalism is starting a foundation, naming it after yourself, stealing money meant to rebuild Haiti, going pay for play with foreign nations and then demonizing anyone who doesn't vote for you as a deplorable misogynist after you job Bernie Sanders. Any questions?

Really? Free market capitalism is about attacking Hillary Clinton when your own hero President is literally a child rapist?

Good one.

ChuckNorris0(9) Clarified
0 points

Uh huh. Tell us about Bill Clinton and the plethora of leftists groping and assaulting that you ignored like the plague.

The accusations against Bill Clinton were typical whopping great lies spread by the right. Every one of the women who accused him of rape can be shown to be lying.

But when did truth ever stop the right wing from telling lies?

Never is when.

1 point

Pardon me for saying so, but it appears as though you think everybody on this entire website who isn't you must therefore be an alt account.

Bro, that is EXACTLY what he thinks. The guy is a couple of egg rolls short of a Chinese banquet.

1 point


You have already been exposed as a fraud.

Your crazy conspiracy theory threads are proof that you are crazy.

ChuckNorris0(9) Clarified
1 point

Hi Antrim.

The door is behind you brother. Don't let it hit you when you goose-step your way back out.

This guy has so many sock accounts it doesn't matter. As soon as you banned Antrim and DingDong he was back in here with xMathFanx and Kalamazoo. He's Aids: a virus you can't get rid of.

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