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RSS ChuckSteel

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4 points

No i was once on a basketball team and we went all the way to the finals and there was a kid who sat on the bench the entire year and skipped practice and once we got to the finals we got blown out by like 20 points and the kid blamed all of us for not winning we all worked hard we didn't complain but everyone else on the other team hate this kid on there team for the same reason no if you don't work for it or you didn't win get over it

1 point

Yes i believe that you have every right to commit suicide because there is not law to it beside the law towards god but in any case sure.

0 points

no people should not be so controlling like we are now its so stupid that parents are trying to control everything in a kids life we are going to have to learn something on our own someday and there is nothing wrong with being on a social network site (personally i don't have one because i don't support what they do and what they do with the information) but there is nothing wrong with keeping in touch with our friends in a society that is always evolving

1 point

absolutely because of Obama way of showing how a democrat in todays society is just a idiot that likes to give money too poor people to stop them form getting jobs

there is no way that a smart citizen of the untied sets would let a socialist like him be president for another 4 years

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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