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RSS Cocopops

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Cocopops(2) Clarified
2 points

Ho Outlaw,

I wouldn't let the site's provocateur get under your skin.

Clearly you must be hurting him by laying open the nonsense of his distorted posts and redundant political dogma.

The obvious motive of his juvenile psychology in asking such a question falls into the same category as;- how often do you beat your wife?

May I respectfully comment that I feel it was wrong of you to dignify his school boy attack with an answer.

Always remember;- NEVER KICK A TURD ON A HOT DAY.

0 points

Religious liberty is a fantasy belonging in the pages of one of The Brothers Grimms' fairy tales.

Where does religious freedom exist?

Try practising Judaism in Palestine or any of the Muslim states for that matter.

Try going to a Protestant gospel meeting on the Falls Road in Belfast, or going to celebrate a Roman Catholic Mass Service on the Shankill Road, Belfast.

Try to establish any kind of religious faith in North Korea.

All freedoms have to be earned by building a society in which all freedoms can be openly expressed safely.

These is no country on earth where these basic human rights rights exist.

1 point

No. Due to my religionI would be unable to participate in any from of violent action.

I am a devout coward.

2 points

I think the facility of an abortion clinic should be available for those who wish to avail of its services but without it being promoted as a pleasant amenity.

The decision as to whether or not to use this service should be exclusively a matter for the pregnant woman.

1 point

That is a well constructed and accurate account of the human race that undoubtedly took the author more than a little time compiling.

As anticipated however, the scribe exposed his/her predictable weakness by omitting to include their realistic suggestions to cure all the character weaknesses they so painstakingly catalogued in such an interestingly descriptive manner.

Presenting a problem, or series of problems without accompanying amendatory advice weakens the impact of the article.

1 point


The word hate is all too often wrongly used to describe other emotions.

A few instances are;-

You can fear someone without hating them.

You can mistrust others without hating them.

You can feel anger at someone without hate.

You can feel contempt towards people without hating them.

You can feel disgust at the actions, or inactions, or others without hating them.

Hatred very often stems from fear which in turn can derive from prejudice which can have its origins in ignorance.

It would be wrong to hate anyone because they hate you.

It would however be prudent to be wary or fear them because they may try to satisfy their hatred through violence or attempts at malicious back stabbing character assassination.

Making the effort to understand the customs and practises of others along with tolerance would eliminate most cases of hatred.

3 points

There will be sighs of disappointment in the Democrat camp tonight.

The overdone posturing of the hypocritical Democrats has nothing to do with compassion, but instead has everything to do with the shameless use of the children of irresponsible, uncaring and criminal parents as pawns in their thrust for political gain.

This affair has emphasised just how low the Democrats will sink to try to score a few cheap political points.

1 point

For prescribed medicinal purposes only, but not for recreational use.


1 point

Go on a world tour in search of a cure for my malady.


0 points

Atheist's intellectual mediocrity can be observed in their inability to comprehend such stories as Adam and Eve and Noah, to cite just two instances.

Winning Position: They're welcome.

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