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RSS Cocopops

Reward Points:244
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Cocopops(244) Clarified
-2 points
3 points

Listen two of the same, or is it ten of the same, for the last time I don't hate anyone. Indeed there are very few, if any, I dislike.

It is easy for those who live in countries which have established sound economies along with stable governments and whose citizens, through ingenuity and hard work, have created sufficient wealth to care for their sick and aged to smugly occupy the moral high ground and virtue signal by calling for the acceptance of the dregs of the failed nations of the world.

These 2nd/3rd rate nations collapsed due the backwardness and lack of enterprise of their people.

Such is their inferiority they cannot muster sufficient high calabre executives necessary to form and maintain stable administrations which could create economic environments in which businesses could thrive and create employment and wealth for their populations.

So, this begs the question, which is not why do I hate everyone, but why in hell are there so many shit-heads who cannot see that if the sub-classes are imported in sufficient numbers their presence will drag down the whole economic and social structure of their host countries.

Here we are on this 75th anniversary of D Day which was the beginning of the end of a war which cost the lives of millions who were defending their respective country's way of life so that their kith and kin could live their lives without the threat of invading hostile foreigners.

But what did our illustrious politicians do? That of course was a rhetorical question as we all know that they betrayed their citizens and the brave personnel of their armed forces in particular by swamping their countries with violent criminals and work-shy spongers who wish to dismantle the western way of Life and replace it with the very same customs and practices which was the sole cause for their countries of origin to flop.

Of course I recognise that all nations need to enrich their culture and social structure with the diversity of decent and skillful immigrants, but this must be carried out in a controlled manner based on merit and the competency of the applicants applying to fill vacant positions.

2 points

As the flea ridden hordes of diseased immigrants surge across the border with their rattling pots and pans they bring with them the same enterprise and work ethic which turned their countries of origin into bankrupt shit-holes'

Just as rats desert a sinking ship so these immigrants are skedaddling from the mess which they created and which they will re-create in any country which is sufficiently reckless to admit them.

Undoubtedly the Liberal progressives will have the answer to the contagious pestilence and the violent crime wave with which they will inflict upon the nation.

1 point

No, we don't need to flaunt ourselves like circus sideshow freaks.

While these deviants waste time and energy prancing through the towns and cities of their respective countries the straight 'guys and gals' are keeping the wheels of industry and commerce running by getting on with their work.

Such ostentatious razzamatazz should be the preserve of society's sexual deviants.

1 point

A fruit is defined as the ripe ovary of a plant which is exactly what a tomato is.

1 point

Well, you had the strength of character to temporarily set aside your animosity towards me and state your honest opinion.

Your virtuous gesture hasn't gone unheeded.

3 points

I watched a couple of videos shot by an independent journalist in the Santa Monica Beach area where he was quizzing a wide ranging representative sample of American citizens, including college students, on an assortment of general knowledge question about their country.

The long list of questions included;--

Who is the vice President of America?

What is the location of, and the name of the mountain on which the sculptures of 4 American Presidents are carved?

What is the capital of the United States of America

Who was the first president of America?

The journalist then switched to international geography questions such as;-where is Ecuador, only one person stabbed a guess and answered Africa.



I would suggest that Americans should spend less time on the dentist's chair with their mouths open and more time reading text books of knowledge with their brains open.

This, and similar interviews which highlighted the embarrassing ignorance of the average WHITE TOOTHED American citizen can be viewed on YouTube.

It's a matter of priorities.

2 points

Well, we can start with the world's first programmable computer, you know, that newfangled piece of equipment your trying to use as well as the language in which you're communicating.

A few other examples of Britain's inventive genius include,

The television,

The light bulb,

The telephone,

The military tank,

The world-wide web,

The first jet engine,

Reflecting telescope,

The steam engine,

The lawn mower,

Stainless steel,

Gas lighting,

Fire extinguishers,

Disc brakes,


Britain spawned many great people such as Winston Churchill, Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, George Stevenson, Charles Darwin, William Shakespeare, and Alan turing.

The list is endless but it would appear you don't really want to be enlightened.

1 point

America entered WW2 on December 8th 1941 by declaring war on the Japanese Empire after Japan's sneak attack on Pearl Harbour ( big mistake) on the 7th of December.

On December 11th of the same year Germany declared war on the United States.

This was another mistake.

Do try to keep up old bean and stop trying to rewrite history by making things up as you go along.

Man, man oh man.

Cocopops(244) Clarified
3 points

Those who are capable of inducing a state of crazed hysteria in others and can whisk their opponent's narrative into a fitful and muddled mass of steaming crapola have won the argument, lock, stock and barrel.

We have you threatening physical violence against a peace loving member causing him severe anguish and to fear for his personal safety.

This C D participant may instruct his solicitor to issue proceedings against the site's sponsors for the trauma and anxiety which they, and/or one of their participating members has caused.

The procedure normally is that you will be summoned to join the 1st accused party, i.e., the proprietors of CreateDebate, in court as a co-defendant to answer the charges.

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