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RSS Cocopops

Reward Points:126
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Cocopops(126) Clarified
2 points

It is important to know that the Filth's pretentious and hysterical rants on subjects about which he knows nothing is all a juvenile ploy to be identified as some sort of scientific genius.

Having made a total fool of himself when he first introduced this thread, it is further proof that this shithead is an incorrigible idiot by regurgitating his flawed rhetoric.

1 point

Clearly you're very adept at puling your wire.

I hope the only piece you learnt how to play was solitaire.

1 point



With so many tragic and controversial issues going on in the world it is very important that we know you are learning to play the cello.

Quite honestly shithead, I don't give a damn.

Your topic for debate is about as stimulating a bucket of tripe.

Are you for real?

2 points

Free health care is a sort of geographical lotto.

Whilst free health care is not an inherent right most European countries followed the U.K., which was the first nation in the world to introduce it's National Health Service in 1948.

Essentially however, this is not a free service as everyone who is in employment pays for this facility through the income tax and National Insurance Contributions they have deducted from their earnings at source. That is, deductions made from your wages before receiving them.

If you were born in Bongo Bongo Land you have virtually no chance of a health service, free or otherwise, with the only exception being the citizens of those countries which receive foreign aid.

America is a rich country with plenty of well paid job/career opportunities.

All those in employment should make provision for all contingencies, including health care and old age.

A health support,safety net, not a hammock, should be provided for those who are temporarily unable to secure employment.

Those fit and healthy work shy layabouts should not have taxpayer's hard earned dosh directed towards them.

Let the low lives perish as nature's natural selection process intended.

1 point

That's the theory based on sound rational reasoning.

But there are countless examples, such as religion, where we can clearly see that reason and rational thought based on well established, indisputable scientific facts is eclipsed by the superstitious mumbo jumbo of the various man made faiths.

We have millions of people world wide praying and singing their praises to a range of non-existent gods.

Tribal voting is yet another case where people's political allegiance is based on their traditional voting habits, and those of their parents and not on the the manifesto of the party of their choice.

1 point

Fromwithin, You are too experienced to let the Devil ( in the guise of the LordofFarts) plant the seeds of hatred by whispering falsehoods in your ear.

Such filth must be recognised for the evil they are and treated accordingly.

Old Nick, or in this case, Old fart breath must be expunged from the soul of mankind.

1 point

Even though Trumps enemies are left wing, anti-democratic anarchists the answer is, as you very well know, OF COURSE NOT.

The loony left subversives never accepted the outcome of the democratically ran Presidential election of 2016 and confront every pro Republican/American rally with pre-planned violent counter anti-American demonstrations.

I see you're still up to your tricks by asking your, now familar mischievous questions which are designed to inflame passions and incite further violence.


The left wing universities and other institutions of higher education have denied platform to all those whose views don't conform to their communist agenda.

This intolerance to even consider the views of others is viewed by all those who believe in freedom of speech, both in America and throughout the world as frightening and reminiscent of STALIN'S REIGN OF BRUTAL TERROR.

1 point

Wrong, I'm a blue blooded Republican through and through.

The virtue signalling of the left wing Democrats makes my skin crawl.

My reply was simply a counter argument to your thread.

No malice nor scoffing was intended.

You made a fair point and hopefully you will view my reply as no more than an expression of a genuinely held opinion.

1 point

So plagiarism is another one of your vices.


1 point

Not necessarily.

If a particular party was vehemently against abortion and made a pre-election pledge to abolish the practice, but also vowed to launch a series of massive nuclear strikes against all the nation's perceived enemies I'm certain few, if any would support such a party.

If on the other hand a pro-choice party's manifesto included the continuation of professionally supervised abortions within the parameters of the law and moral codes of practice, along with the introduction of a range of humanitarian measures aimed at relieving poverty, disease and hardship among all the nation's citizens, I'm convinced that that party would, and indeed should be supported.

The Zika outbreak in Brazil in 2017 highlighted the utter stupidity of banning all abortions, regardless of circumstances or outcome, on the grounds of the sanctimonious notions of religion.

Allowing babies to be born into this cut and thrust world with the burden of serious mental and/or physical defects is the epitome of premeditated cruelty and mind blogging thoughtlessness.

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