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RSS Cocopops

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1 point

Religion has no place anywhere other than within the confines of the places of worship and the homes of the followers of a particular religion.

All religions are no more than superstitious hocus pocus and only serve to retard the scientific and medical progress of the nations whose people are sufficiently stupid to believe the irrational ravening of self declared prophets.

3 points

Don't worry Fromwithin, I'm working on it right now.

Phew, this is exhausting, but I suppose we all have to do our bit to save thew nation.

Next please.

1 point

If he does, he is part of a very big, over subscribed club on this forum.

The more disturbed people on this here seem to go ballistic if anyone dares disagree with their angle.

2 points

You're living in cloud cuckoo and I've no inclination to burst you bubble.

I repeat, I've never been even remotely connected with the security forces in any way, so I don't know how the police or special branch officers collect their evidence, but I know that they do.

In Northern Ireland 'water boarding' was used on terrorists with vital information being obtained about planned bombings in public places.

When such savage acts of terrorism were not detected 100s of innocent men, women, children, babies and, on a number of occasions expectant mothers and their fetuses were slaughtered on an industrial scale.

As a direct consequence of the use of ''unorthodox interrogation techniques'' many planned atrocities were thwarted with the unquestionable upshot of lives being saved.

I cannot understand why you appear unable to use you nut and figure out that the security forces must have many ways of gleaning knowledge on terrorism and the terrorist godfathers, the Mr, Bigs who not only know the itinerary for terrorist outrages but who themselves have been instrumental in their construction and the setting of their timetables.

My amateur assumption of these intelligence gathering techniques would include, infiltration into the terrorist cells, planting a MOLE, paying existing members to become MOLES', highly sophisticated listening and visual monitoring devices, confidential information provided by friends!!, neighbours, trades people such as milkmen, garbage collectors, postmen and so forth, commonly known as informers, or as they were referred to by the local scum terrorists;- R.U.C. TOUTS.

When searching the premises of terrorist frequented venues such as a pub, all the punters were required to leave while a thorough search took place.

During these searches I've no doubt that miniature listening gadgets/transmitters ( bugs) were discreetly positioned and closely monitored.

Of course the terrorists could have figured this out and employed their own counter-intelligence methods by providing the listeners with fictitious plans.

Once, by the use of the aforementioned intelligence gathering techniques, and many other, more effective methods, unknown to me, it has been established that a captured terrorist(s) has/have key information regarding proposed atrocities then the use of ''special interrogation procedures'' could be used.

You have used your own deranged mental state to assume that everyone is as twisted as you and wish to punish people by torture for no particular reason.

You should try hard to recognize that you are indeed the sick individual that most people on this site describe you as being and try even harder not to attribute everyone with your jaundiced outlook on life.

Most people are normal, you are a fucking weirdo.

2 points

I don't know, nor have to know anything.

Surveillance by the relevant Homeland Security agencies would reveal the status of the terrorist in custody and what he or she, in their position, must know.

Any information from a known terrorist, obtained by whatever means would be invaluable and would more likely than not save lives and mutilation.

If by applying torture to one individual would save many lives and the maiming of countless others, then I repeat, the end justifies the means.

As you're incapable of presenting a rational and convincing counter argument to this or any other topic you'll dream up some ridiculously impossible bullshit to achieve your monthly orgasm.

You are to reasoned debate what the iceberg was to the Titanic, but then, as the disturbed, mischievous little imp you are you enjoy playing your childish games.

3 points

On some occasions 'the end justifies the means'.

For instance, torture administered on a known terrorist to extract information about an imminent atrocity of which he/she has detailed knowledge would be totally justified.

In a dirty terrorist war the kid gloves must come off.

1 point

Condom tester.


1 point

Watch out for those greenflies, they're murder.


1 point

Is that the best you can do?

May the love of Jesus Christ take over your tortured soul and abide in thee forever.

Hallelujah brother, hallelujah.

Always remember, it's never too late to repent your sins and let God into your heart.

Now, open your hymn book at page 56;- WE SHALL GATHER AT THE RIVER.

Sing this beautiful song of worship with gusto and meaningful spirit.

Cocopops Clarified
1 point

Not only was that good, but it explained a lot.


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