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RSS CrapWeasel

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10 most recent arguments.
5 points

What does he have Excon? Evidence that Zeus exists? I can't wait until he reveals the secret Divinci codes.

2 points

Look.. You belong to the right wing tribe.. The right wing tribe believes the accuser is a LIAR..

Some of her own friends say she's a liar.

Oh, they have NO evidence of that.

The old prove a negative fallacy. You can't prove unicorns don't exist. You have no evidence they don't exist. So you know what that means.

5 points

The history of the Democrats is the darkest parts of American history. Never let them forget it either.

5 points

No. Democrats will never volunteer their own monotary things or money, so it will have to be taken unvoluntarily.

7 points

If you wait 36 years to accuse someone the Democrats said they would obstruct regardless of qualifications, you will not be believed.

5 points

By my count, this is the THIRD debate you've posted about the big reveal coming when Trump declassifies those FISA warrants..

There have been many big reveals. CNN didn't rub the reveals in your face like real journalists? Who knew.

I'll assume you didn't listen to the link provided by the OP.

Displaying 10 most recent debates.

Tied Positions: Only half of us are Americans vs. No partisan hackery
Tied Positions: Indeed sir vs. Indeed
Tied Positions: Still the same today vs. It's just the truth
Winning Position: The hive rejects the proposal

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