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RSS DBCooper

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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Time for all the Clinton's just to fade into the sunset and be gone.

DBCooper(2033) Clarified
1 point

Women are not empowered in this day and time if you believe that you need to buy you some swamp land in Nevada

1 point

Democrats are so twisted into knots due to their delusional state they all need Straight Jackets.

DBCooper(2033) Clarified
1 point

The traditional Eskimo diet varies with the seasons. During the winter months, seals, whales and other sea mammals are hunted. The meat is eaten cooked, raw or dried.

Check with the Eskimo they may have a few good recipes for you when it comes to seals.

DBCooper(2033) Clarified
1 point

You have a need to break federal law. Something new for a Democrat to go against a federal law.

1 point

Did the MadCow show proof that Trump paid taxes or not. She did and she made a fool of herself and the Democrats.

2 points

Those white males are really a problem are they not and then you go on to say that is a problem in literature. Fix the problem then don't whine about it and you say you are not a Democrat you just gave away your cover.

1 point

There is no law that says that a presidential candidate must release his or her individual tax returns to the public.

You want to fix it get with your representatives and fix it. Don't continue to complain about it.

1 point

He did and the MadCow has proof Trump paid taxes what more is to see here.

1 point

Free speech on the Internet has not been regulated but Democrats want to change that. It’s an enormous overreach by government. Are the Democrats going to censor Gangsta Rap on the internet. Ann Ravel, a typical Democrat Socialist wants to shut down free speech. But what we have here is just more double speak from a Democrat like yourself.

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