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As co-chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Jay Rockefeller did more than any other person in the U.S. Senate in 2004 and 2005 to drive the neo-conservative liars out of the Pentagon. When the media, the GOP majority, and the White House were lined up against him, Sen. Rockefeller persisted in demanding answers as to WHO produced the faulty intelligence that duped Congress and the public into supporting the Iraq war; how did they do it; and how far up the chain of command did it go. While it was never admitted, the ousting of Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Doug Feith, centers of the ``neo-conservative cabal,'' was greatly aided by Sen. Rockefeller. It is a tragedy that Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi took the impeachment of Dick Cheney "off the table." With greater support from the Democratic leadership, Sen. Rockefeller would have been likely to unearth the evidence that secured impeachment.

3 points

Congressman Steve Pearce is a Cheney man. They are so close that in 2004, Dick Cheney and his wife Lynne were in New Mexico campaigning for Pearce. From 2003 to 2007, Pearce voted with Cheney and Bush, 90.8 percent of the time. In his first year in office, 2003, Pearce voted 98% of the time with the White House. That was the year of the Niger Yellow Cake and Weapons of Mass Destruction hoax about Iraq; that was the year of the unnecessary, illegal, and unsubstantiated invasion of Iraq. That was the year of the infamous “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq appearance of George W. Bush on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln. Since Bush’s appearance in May, 2003, about 4,000 more U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq. Steve Pearce is no Pete Domenici—he’s a Cheney man. According to the Democratic Party of New Mexico, Steve Pearce was also the only member of the New Mexico Congressional delegation to heartlessly oppose expanding the State Children's Health Insurance Program to cover an additional 27,900 uninsured New Mexican kids. Keep Steve Pearce home, keep him out of the Senate.

3 points

When the Republicans trash a Democratic candidate as a “liberal,” then you know they have nothing to say about the candidate—or they haven’t done their homework. In the case of New Mexico’s Tom Udall, it’s both. At stake in the 2008 elections is control of the Senate, where the Democrats gained a surprise—but insufficient majority in 2006. This year, with an open seat, New Mexico is crucial. If the Democrats had 60 seats in 2006, funding for the Iraq war would have been cut off; and U.S. troops in Iraq would have begun coming home.

The second most important issue is the economy. According to the Mountain Mail, a small town newspaper in Socorra, New Mexico, the state is second in the nation with the highest percentage of hungry people, and third in the nation in childhood poverty. About 54 percent of New Mexican children are eligible for free or reduced cost meals at school, but have little or no food on weekends. Tom Udall’s speech shone at the Democratic Convention. Opponent Steve Pearce has supported every one of Bush’s economic policies. .

Tied Positions: Barack Obama for President vs. Hillary Clinton for President

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