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RSS DeathWolf666

Reward Points:372
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10 most recent arguments.

but where he crosses the line is by creating 200 different user accounts to circumvent bans and force his garbage onto other people who aren't interested.

There was a time when Andy might have went after him legally, but now he is only interested in banning profanity and socialism.

Elder Scrolls is better than Fallout, can't say the same for Trump.

-1 points

Juggs Bonerhound sat on a log

Juggs Bonerhound had sex with a frog

Juggs Bonerhound had sex with her dog

Juggs Bonerhound is Outlaw's mom

Trump is what you get when you let people like Outlaw vote. .

-1 points

The only moron here is the Brit Troll

Not only is that not true at all but I'm not even who you think I am.

you are not aware you are a Socialist Moron ! Sucks to be you don't it !!!!!!!!!!

Even the idiots on this site know you're an idiot. You are literally retarded, I mean literally. Like you legitimately have mental problems that call for professional treatment.

the less capable gender

You are openly racist and sexist, so why do right wingers mock the left for calling them racist and sexist? You are the true face of the right when it is not trying to look good in the public eye.

These toxic feminists are why people are gender confused, no one stays married, and less people get married.

A fascinating hypothesis Bronto. Because of course we all know that women belong in the kitchen making sandwiches and marriage is the third most important factor in a stable civilization other than guns and christianity.

The opposite sex has no natural attraction for masculine women or feminine men or desire for intimacy with them.

Again, a ground breaking statement. Someone needs to award you a nobel prize ASAP.

The presence of women is not the cause of domestic abuse, it's because men and butch lesbians find it easier to beat on women than it is for men to beat on other men in most cases.

-2 points

You're not fooling me Antrim, I know it's you. Yes God doesn't exist but that realization doesn't mean much coming from someone who thinks the earth is the only planet that has life on it. In other words you're still a retard.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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