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RSS DeathWolf666

Reward Points:164
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10 most recent arguments.

Bronto got no brain,

that's why bronto thought slow, menge

pot smoke made

him a lot mo' tame

but all that changed when he shot cocaine

in his cock till' the vein popped, yo...dang

Don't you be dissin' the Nom

or your head will be dipped in the jon

while I'm kissin' your mom

you'll be missin' Saddam

when your hit with the bombs

that get dropped once I've written a song

The reason I rhyme

is to vent my anger in some other way that beatin' behinds

but it won't make much of a difference, because my raps are so lethal they'll be your demise

I pee in your eyes

while you bleed and you die

I'm releasin' high frequency hatred

once the dictatorship of the proletariate's instated

and you'll be shipped to the gulag and penetrated

in the anus with the entire washington state bridge

It's time for eleven rhymes

for the 11th dimension, because seven times

7 is 49

so that means I'll try to fit 49 clementines

in your behind, then apply

liquid nitrogen to your dick till' it's frozen, shrunken and densified

then I'll put 11 kinds

of pressurized

grenade canisters in your ass hole and detonize em'

I'll collapse you like WTC cause' I detonated it on the nine, and you'll find

that this is the eleventh line

It sounds like Americans when they see a Communist or Nazis when they see a brown person.

You have no brain.

You're right, I have a quantum super computing dark matter core in my skull that allows me to perceive reality in 11 dimensions.

You are a BIGOT towards any Christian

That describes me pretty accurately, can't speak for him though. I would personally like to ban you people from reproducing so you can't brainwash any kids with your objectively wrong beliefs and put you in re-education camps.

Marxists are never not disgusted.

I watched a right wing bullshit video by Mark Dice which claimed that leftists do not have the ability to be disgusted, and that's why we have no problem with transgender people and foreigners.

Your tribe

But tribalism is right wing. If someone has the wrong religion or skin tone you won't let them in the country.

gives the depression medication industry most of its customers. Well done.

If you have never felt depressed while living in this fucked up world, then you are subhuman and totally unaware and numb to all the horrible shit that happens and exists.

You don't deserve to live on the same earth as a fine Jewish man like myself.

You're human waste excon, you are a worthless fucking disease who thinks you are superior to others based on the false belief that you are a Jew. Judaism itself is a race cult which claims that the Hebrews have a right to rule over other races. You are just worthless trash using Judaism as an excuse to act superior while whining about being persecuted.

Conservatives make more money than liberals. So your version of education looks like an indoctrinated dumbing down.

Kim Kardashian makes more money than you therefor she is smarter than you.

I have a college education. You live with your parents.

Nom is a journalist, you need a PCA to wipe your ass for you because you got your legs blown off fighting for rich American bankers to make money by stealing from poor nations.

Religion is idiotic and primitive. If humans can't get along without some imaginary deity scaring them into behaving morally what does that say about the human race? It says we're a bunch of dumb monkeys, that's what.

Do you mean on Earth?

I concur. It's either him or Bronto.

FromWithin is also someone with an impressive level of stupidity. These people could turn stupid into an Olympic sport.

Stupid .

Displaying 10 most recent debates.

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Winning Position: When you steal from the king, you're a pirate, when you steal FOR him, a privateer
Winning Position: You might be a dumb ass
Winning Position: Making decisions as a society
Winning Position: AlofRI is a capitalist in denial

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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