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1 point

I agree! I mean, where did the cell come from? I think this is one of many big reasons to prove evolution is false!

1 point

I agree, around the time they are mature enough to have one, but if a kid is to addicted to lets say Instagram or social media on their phone, they should lose that responsibility despite their age.

1 point

We have not found any of the thousands of transitional stages of fossils between animals evolving, or have we?

DebateTruth(3) Clarified
1 point

Are you saying that our bodies today- complex eyes that can see, a perfect system of veins running through our bodies, a heart that pumps blood, a complex brain that can tell commands to the rest of the body, and EVERYTHING else, was all just chance due to "Biology"of Apes long ago? And who we are today is just from a "slot machine" that over millions of years just HAPPENED to land on us? There is to much of a change from an ape to a human even over millions of years. Dog breeding did happen and made many dogs that we see today. But dogs still do not think like us. Over millions of years dogs only adapted to their climate, they didn't evolve into anything more than dogs. Apes did not need to evolve into humans, apes and monkeys still live successfully in the wild today, with no need to evolve. Long ago apes did not need to evolve into another creature, they only needed to adapt to their environment...

4 points

If we evolved from animals long ago, how come we stopped evolving?

And how come there are still monkeys today?

How did "our ancestors" all of a sudden come up with an idea to evolve into a complex human being who can reason and think?

Winning Position: No we did not.

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