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RSS Dermot

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10 most recent arguments.
3 points

Yes , I think you may have mentioned it once or twice ; why should you forgive them when you stated you hate them ?

You do seem rather confused whys that ?

2 points

Well no you're wrong again I answered only your replies to my questions.

Wrong again , I'd rather talk about the debate topic you keep avoiding and it is about you as in your hate and how uncomfortable you seem to be regarding it .

I'm not a racist apologist , I've no desire to convince you as your opinion matters not to me your appeal to the other readers who may be judging me is pretty childish

1 point

So the debate is about Antrim ?

I know you hate all the mostly dead people who murdered Jews and you're not sorry for it , I never claimed your hatred was equivalent to racism you seem to be making things up as you go along , whys that ?

I'm still not a racist apologist but you're still a hater aren't you ?

1 point

But he said himself it was tongue in cheek , and I don't really care if you give me your ' benefit of the doubt ' it's meaningless .

How do you make out Antrim wasn't joking at all when he socialised with and employed those of a different race ?

I'm addressing your hate as you're the one who's posted up a debate on your hate , so is this about you or Antrim ?

No , I'm not a racist apologist you're the admitted hater here , why are you getting all upset about it ?

1 point

But the people you hate are mostly dead , the past is indeed done and dusted and your hate is only damaging yourself and no one else

3 points

Because hate is a waste of time , what does hate achieve ?

I'm Irish born and bred , historically my people have been treated horrendously by other nations it's all in the past done and dusted and a part of distant history why constantly drag it up ?

1 point

Not more of your 9/11 bullshit do you ever give it a rest ?

Everyone of your ridiculous claims has been de-bunked and yet you persist ; you need professional help obviously you're mentally unstable .

Here we go with the ' celebrating Israelis ' nonsense again this just shows how far gone you are and mentally unstable you are ......

The real story about the ' celebrations ' ..... from the Slate .....

In the tense days following the attack, there were a number of false reports of Muslims celebrating. In one case, reported by the Asbury Park Press, a group of Pakistani gas station attendants sharing birthday cake given to them by their Jewish boss on the morning of the attacks—unaware that the attacks had taken place— set off a panic in the town that included calls to local radio stations. A similar debunked story about a Budweiser employee pulling the company’s products from a gas station because he saw Arab employees celebrating was a popular e-mail forward at the time.

One strange cousin of the “celebrating Arabs” meme was the strange tale of the “dancing Israelis.” During the attack, a New Jersey homemaker with a view of the twin towers called the police and the FBI after spotting a group of men who appeared to be filming the attack and exhibiting “puzzling behavior.” "They were like happy, you know … They didn't look shocked to me,” the unnamed witness later recalled. The men were Israeli employees of a Jersey-based moving company and accounts at the time stated they had been on the roof of their company’s building, though it was later reported they were on the roof of their van. Either way, five Israeli men were later arrested and interrogated for several days before being deported back to Israel. As ABC reported the following year, the men were investigated by U.S. authorities for connections to Israeli intelligence, but nothing was ever proven. (The lack of evidence hasn’t stopped the “dancing Israelis” from being a fixture of 9/11 conspiracy theories, particularly anti-Semitic ones, ever since.) The men later denied they had been celebrating, claiming they were just filming in order to document the event.

All major terrorist attacks, including the recent one in Paris, are accompanied by a great deal of unsubstantiated rumor and false information. That was even more the case for 9/11 thanks to both its size and how relatively little public attention had been focused on the al-Qaida threat before it happened. It was a confusing couple of days and a lot of mysteries still remain, but we can be confident in saying that Trump did not personally witness thousands of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey or anywhere else in America.

1 point

It's a very well put together piece and you make your points fairly and rationally, I dislike the unfairness of the way all your perfectly reasonable points and commentary are down-voted which seems to be a norm on CD to well presented arguments .

You state in your piece .......Best-case scenario, "God" either does not possess the will or the means to set in motion the "best" set of events. In the former case, this entity is apathetic at best and sadistic at worst, and in the latter, why call such a being "God"?

The classic argument used against your argument is how can you as a mere mortal judge what is " best " when it comes to gods standards ?

How can you know the will of god ?

Christians defend the most appalling atrocities carried out by their god and see them as perfectly " moral " as it's god carrying out the actions and god knows best .

If god suddenly appeared to humans and said killing was corrrect would it be so because he said so ?

Regarding moral law Calvin put it this way: "Deus legibus solutus est, sed non exlex." "God is free from laws, but He is not immoral." Somehow moral laws, also in eternity, will be the reflection of His will and personality.

Incidentally your line of argumentation is good and perfectly rational, the believer constantly shifts the goal posts to re -define what his /her god is or isn't to combat all arguments .

1 point

Okay .... you assume you have a right which does not exist regarding what a woman may do with her body , you do not have this right its based on a false assumption .

My rule on here is I will engage fairly until one fires off the first insult then you may expect the same back , you were the one who first resorted to cheap insult all because I disagree with you , you don't seem to realise it's a debate site ,

whys that ?

Your religious beliefs see you identifying as a catholic and thus someone who claims to follow the teachings of Jesus who I do not remember told his followers to resort to insult , mockery and slander when conversing with others , this is why I called you a hypocrite can you deny it ?

You have not answered my two specific questions .......

1: You have no right to tell a woman what to do with her body why do you assume you have this special right when in fact you don't ?

2: A fetus has zero rights to susentenace provided by a woman's body why do you assume you have this special right to tell her otherwise ?

You have zero rights regards what I ask , all you can do is give an opinion which means nothing , again you know I'm correct making you wrong again

1 point

Typing a reply in block letters demonstrates how desperate you are to carry on making the same tired silly point and still failing to accept differering viewpoints .

Your appeal to authority as in " people a lot smarter etc,etc , is meaningless ? so what if so called smarter people have disagreed with me ,the same also applies to your position , so what ?

Again you miss the whole point I don't care if you and others claim a fetus is now a ' body ' it matters not regarding a woman having the right to do as she wants with her body , you still don't get this do you ?

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