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RSS Dermot

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Name calling: "abusive language or insults".

Facts regarding your idiocy are well .... facts

I'm simply using your logic, in that you say that because I believed that a fetus was a baby, I must've thought that a baby was a fetus and so on.

Again your re-invention of what was said is part of your genetic idiocy as in an inherited trait

It was a reference to your profile picture.

Oh yes I forgot you’re a young earth creationist

And you don't know how to spell evolution.

Well I do it’s just you’re boring and I thought I might amuse myself by letting you “ pounce “ on a typo ..... bless your little heart

That was you, idiot.

That’s a bit rich coming from a retard like you

No, I'm against people calling evolution a definite fact, at least right now.

Yes I know facts upset you the real truths are in answers in genesis aren’t they

why don't you actually support your claims,

Like I keep doing you mean ?

instead of telling me to research your claim?

I asked you to get a basic education but hey you’re a “ conservative “

Another typical bit of stupidity from you

Yes I know acceptance of fact as in Evolution is stupidity according to young earthers like youn

Funny how everything you can't argue against is "stupidity" or "gibberish".

You really mean funny how easily I de -bunk your bullshit

No, we don't.

So I was right

We have front lawns and backyards

Oh , now you do like all your arguments as in you say one thing and then contradict your own nonsense

, maybe you should escape from your liberal safe space and explore more then your "garden lawn".

Maybe you should leave your trailer and get a job you lazy sod

From the off?

Apologies I forgot you’re a “ conservative “ and terms in common usage are alien to you

My defense is the fetus is alive.

That’s it ?

Now, for your rebuttal?

The fetus is reliant on “ life “ from the mother and either way so what ?

So what

So, you say the fetus isn't alive. How is it not alive if it needs nutrients?

It’s reliant on the mother for life and it gets nutrients from the mother it’s not entitled to

And, if you do think it's alive, what makes abortion different from infanticide? Other then, of course, infanticide occurring after the birth.

Infanticide is the crime of a mother killing her child within a year of birth you idiot , what do you mean “after birth “ you fool ?

I admit it's immoral to kill a human/potential human. Not whatever you just said.

So now the game is “ whatever you just said “ what a cop out by the work shy “ conservative “ , what I said as well you know if you admit it’s immoral to prevent a like been born but yet you support contraception because you’re a hypocrite

but it's fine to prevent a potential

How is the fetus created if the contraception works?

How is the baby born if the abortion works same principle both are as you admitted preventing a potential life being born .... checkmate again

Here's the line of progression, in case you needed a diagram:

Use of contraception: Saucy stuff > Contraception > Mother doesn't become pregnant > fetus isn't created.

Use of abortion: Saucy stuff > mother becomes pregnant > fetus is created > fetus is aborted; life ended.

Here’s the line of reasoning exposing your hypocrisy again theworkshy said’s immoral to prevent a potential human life to be born but it’s moral to prevent a human life being born by contraception

says Dermot. That's irony.

Yes if you accept your “ alternative narrative “

Abortion = termination of pregnancy

Contraception = prevention of pregnancy

Abortion = Prevention of a potential life being born

Contraception = Prevention of a potential life being born

Can you see your hypocrisy now

I haven't denied anything, except for having denied anything.

You have but its ok you’re a “ conservative “

No, that's just not true. You need arguments based on facts. I don't care about how you feel, I care about the stats to use to prove your arguments.

All my arguments are factual your are appeals to emotion

The individual's woman's?

Surprisingly over here women are individuals

To whom does the woman belong?

What that gibberish means is beyond me

I'm saying the man and woman should have an equal choice on the matter.

Nonsense, the woman’s choice takes precedence you caveman

I'm fine with both of them making a choice, as long as their choices have equal consideration.

No , woman’s choice takes precedence and your opinion is worthless because the law supports the woman’s choice

Both parties should get an equal choice on the matter.

They shouldn’t that’s why they don’t

I didn't say it was.

You did you liar then you changed to manslaughter

no one is charged with murder for aborting

What's your point? A lot of guys aren't charged with rape, that doesn't mean they didn't rape the girl.

But you just admitted it’s not murder you idiot so what do you want them charged with ?

Newsflash .... it’s legal to abort get over it

your government murders people " legally "

The death penalty is legal in several states.

Yes that’s why I mentioned it you fool

no, you aren't.

Oh yes I am

Humanists "emphasize the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively" by definition,

I know thanks for the lecture

and when fetuses have the cells needed to define them as humans, you still think it's okay to kill them.

Yes of course like you I believe in the right to prevent a potential life being born you agree as in contraception

Again , saying something is "gibberish" isn't a defense.

I don’t need a “ defence “ I’m merely pointing out your continual posting of gibberish

Then why did you criticize me for using the term "bodily rights"?

I corrected you on useage of terminology you were unaware of

No, it isn't.

Oh yes it is

I'm a conservative, so you're wrong again.

You forgot to mention a workshy conservative

Funny how you bring up Roe v. Wade.

Yes it Hilarious

You know, all nine justices on that court were men

So what ?

. And yet, you say you don't think men should be able to decide the fate of women.

I never said that you liar

Also , did you know that in that case, something called substantive due process was used?

Oh stop it you crybaby

where some rights can't be taken away, even through due process, and that was the reason for the ruling in Roe v. Wade.

This is what happens when Luigi tries to take down an American with our own laws and court cases.

Abortion is legal you crybaby

What gives you bodily integrity?

It’s a basic human right you dunce

I asked you a question, and you didn't answer.

I did several times you dunce

Oh, did I get a promotion?

No , your workshy .... remember ?

Just because something isn't illegal, doesn't mean it's legal.

If something isn’t “ illegal “ that mean it’s legal you idiot , talk about alternative facts

It wasn't illegal for Hitler to conquer Europe,

It was you fucking cabbage under international law

but that didn't make it legal

If something isn’t illegal then it must be legal you clown

What sort of nonsense is this ?

If something is legal it’s not illegal you prize idiot

Dermot(4553) Clarified
1 point

Of course I claim this as in I have my own opinion on the matter is that so unusual ?

1 point

I know you’re one of the responsible ones as are others I’ve talked to , there is rabid reactionists on both sides I’ve been threatened with physical violence on different sites for daring to raise the topic , and of course there are equally hostile people on the against side

What staggers me about a fair proportion of Americans is they always mention freedom of speech but debate one of the trigger issues and the vitriolic commentary is truly chilling , why can reasonable debate not be made on this issue ?

Incidentally I don’t include you in the above statement as you do debate the issue reasonably , i wish there were more who did the same

1 point

women, minorities & gays to join the military.

Women fighting over who’s ass is fatest , minorties wailing about discrimination and gays demanding rainbow coloured uniforms , that ought to get ISIS trembling in their tents

1 point

Not necessarily, but everytown is.

Honestly I don’t even care about their stats it’s the first site I was lead to , also I agree that may indeed have an agenda , but the U S has more school shootings than any other Country in the world

Look, car accidents are bad. Fatal car accidents are worse. If I presented statistics that made lumped every fender bender with fatal collisions, and then presented it as though they were all the same thing, it would be dishonest.

Yes agreed but yet school shootings seem to be a mainly American phenomenon , do you not find them worrying ?

1 point

It requires less policing.

Less than what ?

England protects your east

Which still requires police

1 point

Terrorists are the scum of the world

Some may indeed be but not all and terrorism at times is totally justified

1 point

No, linking these events with real school shootings

It’s still a gun being discharged at a school that would cause an out cry over here , you guys are desensitized to it

is indicative of someone with an agenda, as is the case with ever town

Maybe they have I certainly haven’t , is a concerned parent someone with an agenda ?

Incidentally, since this started as a terrorist topic, the worst school shooting in world history was a terrorist attack.

Yes I know , and the second worst was the Bath school shooting and the U S has 4 in the top 10 and no country comes close for school shootings

1 point

How many illegals does Ireland suppose they have?

I don’t honestly know as illegals are under the radar so to speak so it would only be a guess on my part

You have less borders protected by natural barriers to entry

Yet we are surrounded by sea which is pretty hard to police

1 point

Yes , because you’ve never read the Bible as I suspected ..........

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