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RSS Dermot

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1 point

That's remarkable as I haven't done so yet thus your continued confusion , I'm telling what is fact in European law which again you say is wrong so Amarel must be right ... zing

I directed you to what European thought on rights are as you don't believe me or for that matter European law makers you are the true Hitlerite ...zing

Amarel says he's right so all those pesky European constitutional law makers are wrong , leaving you once again incorrect... zing

My position was clarified and it's the European position and it works beautifully for all but Americans who have a bill of . .. privileges

Regressive American mouthpieces are thinking for you .

1 point

Well actually we are the ones with the rights that yous are denied making you in actual fact incorrect because these rights are in our collective constitutions as rights and not privileges ; so congratulations I've proved you incorrect yet again ....zing

1 point

It's is not just I labelling what you call special priviliges rights but the entire European union and its code regarding basic fundamental human rights , healthcare is indeed a right for me and others as are many other what you deem privileges .

I don't know what you have against socialistic philosophies if progressive measures like universal healthcare are the results of its labours and long may it continue .

No clarifying questions , I will continue to avail of the fundamental human rights so many Americans are denied , putting Americans in a rather embarrassing group of countries with regressive policies regarding basic human rights

1 point

But I have repeatedly , if you cannot see the difference between the two terms .......

All citizens of a country are granted certain rights under the constitution , rights are there to be taken or claimed they are not automatically granted and are fundamental in nature .

A privilege is a special benefit not available to all members of society and is restricted to a chosen few , many are denied and indeed excluded these privileges.

A privilege can be revoked. By contrast, a right is irrevocable .

Yes I'm through , I don't mind at all if you have anything further to add .

Dermot(1990) Clarified
1 point

Yes you fail to comprehend the definition of the two meanings because you have alternative definitions for the two terms which suit your agenda as in a sizeable amount of Americans deeming healthcare a privilege rather than a fundamental human right .

Your alternative meanings have thankfully no influence in Europe on the accepted meanings of the two terms maybe it's time you guys caught up ?

How do you repeatedly fail to understand the difference between the two terms ?

1 point

Incorrect , it's asking you a direct question as you fail to recognise the difference between two terms ; the two work adequately for Europeans but as you're American there's obviously alternative definitions that suit your peculiar mindset .

Your turn :

How do you repeatedly fail to comprehend the difference between two simple terms ?

Dermot(1990) Clarified
1 point

Bye have a lovely day and peace be with you ..........................

Dermot(1990) Clarified
1 point

If you read and accept nonsense well so be it and what you think on the matter is immaterial as you're not a historian so I care less , my cup of tea indeed

1 point

How do you misunderstand repeatedly the difference between two simple terms ?

No answer from you .

1 point

If you don't pay for something given to you it's ..... free ..... I know it's tricky for you yanks 😊

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About Me

"Antique and fine arts collector , lecturer in fine arts , art works represented in three galleries"

Biographical Information
Name: Joseph Brown
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: Italy
Religion: Atheist
Education: Masters

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