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RSS Devildog83

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1 point

Wishing is doing nothing for the issue being discussed. Sure firearms kill but as I stated before people are the problem not the method in which things are killed. Yeah in. Perfect world we would all like one another, respect one another, and the need to kill would be non existent. However, we do not live in a perfect world. People are born everyday with weirdly wired portions of the brain that help develop them into an everyday, law abiding citizen or a rampaging lunatic that gets his jollys off by killing people. Again I see what your saying, that in the perfect world guns would not be needed and I agree. I mean no personal offense to you in particular but when I say it's "People like you are the people who get people killed", I mean that mindset. Some people have a tendency to believe in world peace and its a great notion but something that will never ever be attainable, period. Why? People. We all have our own ideas as individuals and our nations all have their own beliefs and ideas. Anytime we have a difference in opinion we all handle it differently. My point was simply that although you have a point, in a perfect world, that fighting ownership is ridiculous. Criminals will always have guns no matter what is passed, so why would it be a good thing that they take guns away from citizens.

1 point

Ha. Obviously someone who lives in Neverland. Man was killing man long before firearms crazy. To be honest, in a whole lot more brutal fashion. All we'd have then is the same amount of violence except with blades. Wake up and look at the WORLD you are in not the fairy tale world you think your in. People like you are the people who get people killed.

2 points

Guns don't kill people, people kill people plain and simple. That's like blaming your pencil for misspelled words. It's ridiculous. I've been to several countries and have seen first hand what disarming the public can do. It leads to an uncontrolled government who takes your liberties away little by little. The world does not exist in your perfect hippie plain of rainbows and butterflies. It's filled with horrible people who do not care about human existence. I will never relinquish my firearms to anyone or anybody. It's my constitutional right and keeps me safe from evil men. Yes the world would be better without them completely but that's fantasy and will never happen. If you disarm citizens guess who will still have them? Oh yeah, criminals cause ya know its kinda their thing to break laws. They will never ban guns in the United States of America because we, the people, will not allow our rights to be violated and raped by ridiculous individuals who believe we all hold hands. Wake up and smell the roses people the world is ugly and is not this Mecca you believe it to be.

4 points

Yeah cause teaching your kid to be realistic is a horrible concept.

4 points

Teaching a kid they are a winner no matter what they do is wrong to the kid your doing it to. They grow up thinking they are good at something that they are not it just builds them up for failure later on in their teens when they get smoked on the field, court, or whatever venue they are playing on/in. Sure it would build their confidence in the sport if you gave them a trophy and yes they may get passionate about that sport but it does not tell them to work hard to get what they want. People here are saying that its just a game why does it have to be a lesson in life it's just a game. First off, your naive if you believe that not everything we do in life is a lesson because it is. Sorry, life is one big lesson rather it be in sports or at work. As parents you need to be teaching your kids to work hard and contribute on their team as a player. Sure it's a sport but what do sports teach us? Team work (applicable when your in a school environment and in the work place), competitiveness (applicable when competing for a raise), hard work which is self- explanatory. These are just a few examples of lessons sports teach people. The liberal mindset that we are all good at whatever we try is wrong, cause we simply are not. It's like trying to turn a 350 pound offensive lineman into a cornerback. It's stupid and wouldn't work. Why? While the player may excel as a lineman due to his size he would more than likely fail as a cornerback because of the tasks the position requires. This does not make him a horrible football player it just makes him unsuited to be a cornerback but great to be an offensive lineman. Play on your kids strengths in order to make them better and do not force the kids who try hard to achieve in sports to settle for mediocracy.

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