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RSS Duble

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I'll tell you what. If you put a motocross racer on a football field and a football player on a motocross track, I can guarantee 100% that the motocross racer will do 10x better at football than the football player would at motocross. Depending on what position you are playing in football, you don't actually need a ton of strength, cardio can be more important, and cardio is what the motocross racer excels at. To play football on an average level you only need a set of basic skills, such as running, throwing and catching, and tackling/pushing. If you have not learned to do these things, I don't see how you are matured enough to ride a motorcycle. Racing motocross at an average level requires a set of skills only learned through riding motocross, which take a very long time to develop and can't be imitated any where else. Sure, riding a motorcycle on the street is similar in ways, but it will certainly not make a big difference on how fast you are on the track. I bet it would take most football players 10 minutes just to start a bike up, let alone leaving first gear within hours. It generally takes weeks if not months of riding just to be good enough to race in the beginner class. Also, not all riders are skinny guys like you might think, hell, I can't think of 1 good rider who is not extremely toned in the legs and arms. I do DH-MTB and motocross as my only sports and occasional mass workouts, but at my age I outclass 99% of local football players in raw strength and cardio. This is why in wrestling in gym I had to face the biggest guy in the class who just happened to play football, and weighed over 240lbs, compared to my 150lbs and I still threw him around like he was my weight. Then in the weight room, I just happened to be able to do the heaviest weights in the grade. Whoever started this Football vs Motocross debate really should have chosen a sport that is more comparable to motocross in a physically demanding way, oh wait, I really don't think there is one within it's popularity and practicality.

1 point

In football you do have to be quick, strong and fast, but even more so in motocross. If there is a rider fallen at the landing of a jump 30ft in front of you while you are in the air going +50mp/h, you need to get out of the way so you don't kill him and equally damage yourself. When you are in a 30 minute moto, 1/3 through the race you will have next to no feeling in your arms or legs because they are being beaten by the bumps and landings, and you need some serious strength to be able to handle these for such periods of time without collapsing, even though you have 12 inch suspension travel underneath you, landing from +20ft in the air can be a serious impact, especially if you overshoot or undershoot the landing (which could certainly end in death without the proper strength to absorb). You need to have far faster reflexes in motocross than football, because you need to pick your lines, and get into the right ruts while going at very high speeds. If you mess up in the air, you need to be fast to correct it, or it could be fatal. I have played many different sports including football, soccer, hockey and the hand-eye coordination needed for effectively, and safely doing motocross far exceeds that of any sport I have ever attempted so far. You need to calculate how fast you need to hit jumps, from which angle, based on the slope of the takeoff, the gap, the slope and length of the landing, and you have to remember what gear and how much throttle to hit every single jump on a track. You will also need to adapt when there are other riders. You need the willingness to go fast and possibly crash, because believe me, accidents in motocross happen far more often, with far deadlier affects. Saying that you need to be fearless for football and not as much for motocross has to be the stupidest part of your argument, because that is the #1 rule for being a fast rider. If you are not absolutely fearless, you have no chance at winning a single race, let along being in the top 95%. I have been in many life threatening situations that were a breeze compared to hitting a huge jump at the track. I have been threatened by a violent man 3x my weight with no one else around in the middle of the night and not been scared a bit, whereas I have feared hitting even a 20ft tabletop before. For racing on the track alone you will need a very good memory remembering the speed to hit things, different lines, etc. If you work on your own bike and need to do a quick fix between motos, you will need to know how to fix just about any component on your very complicated, high performance race bike, which requires more memory at my state of motorcycle knowledge (I'm not even out of high school) than everything i've learned in 3 years combined. I have seen that others supporting motocross have displayed that motocross requires far more cardio than 99% of any other sports, so I do not feel the need to express it myself. This was a short argument for me, I could have extended it by 5x. I also hope that everyone now understands a bit more about motocross, as when I played sports where you played with balls, I did not realize that me and everyone else playing them would have to grow some in order to suck at motocross, and then figure out how to increase the size by 10x to be successful in the sport. I apologize if I left any spelling/grammar errors uncorrected, and have a nice day.

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