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RSS EchoNova1

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1 point

Christianity is true. God created the universe and still sustains it. I would like an atheist to respond to this telling me what they think caused the universe to be created and how they think we exist.

EchoNova1(21) Clarified
2 points

He is pretty much saying that he even thinks that it's hard to believe that if you put your faith in God, then everything that God promises will happen and he is Christian. But when we say faith we are accepting God into our life, giving God our souls to protect. We live for God.

1 point

1: how do you know Jesus isn't real?

2: can you give me a source of where it says he was an Islam

1 point

I can see that this is all just a matter of perspective. I'm Christian and I believe that he has done a lot of good things for me , so his race doesn't bother me

7 points

I guess I like the serious one better because the "funny" one was not funny at all and it made no sense. It sounds like an atheist without any intelligence whatsoever made the video.

1 point

Good question... I have no Idea. What do you think? Honestly I don't know if it could get better or if it could get worse. All we can do is wait and see.

3 points

If you are an atheist then you are lost. Going down a path to burn in hell soon: Not awesome....

All my fellow Christian's: Congrats you are soon going to be accepted into a kingdom Where there is no more pain.

(Not that we deserve it but but God's Mercy allows)

Now that is pretty awesome.

1 point

You either are Christian or not. agnostics can convert to Christians but will never be Christian so long as they are agnostic.

1 point

Why live for an idiot? I don't like name calling but sometimes you just have to. I mean really, Satan was sent out of heaven and into hell thinking that he was as good or even better than the all mighty. If you think that Satan has all the power then you are just as insane as the devil himself. If Satan had more power than God then Satan wouldn't be in hell. Let me just say that if you want to suffer then by all means go ahead. You'll see.

3 points

First of all... the creator of this debate is saying that Jesus was putting his head on another mans bosom... That is not gay (This stupid Generation makes everything look gay). You say Jesus never married, That is true. and If Jesus was gay then you wouldn't have to go into research about it. It would have been a known fact. And we all Know Jesus Loved his disciples but Every Christian should know that Jesus loved all of the people Equally.

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