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Many Americans are pissed off with the outsourcing process that’s going on for the last couple of decades. The companies that are outsourcing the jobs of American youths are in a way playing with millions of lives. It not just includes that youths who were losing out their bread and butter but the family associated with them. A saying goes: an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. The unemployed youths of America are resorting to drugs and many other anti-social activities in absence of job. Many a lives are wasted that could have been saved from obscurity and disorientation had they been provided with a suitable job.

I’ve been looking for a way to mitigate these problems to see if I can manage the potential ‘cons’ mentioned in your article; the primary challenge I’m facing is trying to navigate the many hundreds of global call center options efficiently. I’ve come across as a possible brokerage option to connect me with an inbound call center that would fit the needs of my business – are you familiar with them? The American call centers would be far more efficient and effective in handling the jobs. The ease of doing business with a company here is worth of the higher cost than the shitty and cheap call centers in India or China.

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