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RSS EvilNom

Reward Points:98
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1 point

Your mom tastes organic. She also smells like feet.

Your mom tastes like my dad and attracts flies.

1 point

I'm sorry to hear that hootie. It must have been very traumatic for you that your leftist hero was ridiculed like that. Taken your prozak today? If not, you'd better grab a handfull because someone said a bad thing about your Socialist, anti-Jewish daddy.

You're a sopping wet dildo in the ass of a native american buffalo.

0 points

LOL, as always bring up past events of people who did evil things in the name of Christianity.

Christianity is both evil and stupid. All of the filth of christianity is still lurking within the pages of the bible, but due to the advancement of civilization christianity has been tamed because it's followers take it less seriously now and only cherry pick the parts of it they like and that don't break the rules of society. That's the only reason you aren't burning and stoning innocent pagans and homosexuals right now you worthless piece of shit.

Funny how you never hold the Democrat Party

I'm not a fucking democrat and I don't give a shit about the democratic party.

supporting slavery while the Republicans ended it.

You're missing the larger picture here. What do dems and repubs have in common? They are both capitalists.

When you come up with Christians in America today, killing people for being witches, let me know. Until then, shut your anti Christian bigoted deceptive mouth!

When you come up with modern democrats supporting slavery let me know. Until then, shut your anti-intellectual bigoted deceptive mouth!

1 point

I would want to have a gun when that witch came to steal my child for a sacrifice.

You christians have killed enough witches and even people who you accused of witch craft who weren't witches at all. For that I think the witch would sacrifice you instead and raise your child as a witch so it won't be beaten every time it doesn't praise the lurd.

1 point

Is it just me or did she get more ugly and fat? .

0 points

I would want to have a magic wand to use my satanic witchcraft on him.

1 point

Screw you guys, I'm going home. .

2 points

How will the Nazis defeat him without guns? .

1 point

Of all things, it holds the greatest value.

There's no real basis for that. It's simply what you want to think because you are a human. In real life you are just spewing meaningless self important crap.

Our lives are special, and of greater value than other species. Not because we are superior, but because our lives are ours.

In other words, meaningless self important crap. There's no such thing as value, nothing has value. It is you that values things, not things that have value. It may as well be considered imaginary and there is no objective or factual basis for anything you're saying,

The value you give to a human life will differ depending on the relationship between you and the humans in question. The societal rules and norms we have for the valuation of human life depends on the impact that life has on other human lives

In other words it's a social construct and nothing you're saying is true technically. Reality doesn't care what you think has "value".

1 point

What is the value of a human life,

There is no objective value to anything. Value is relative to the one doing the valuing.

in your own opinion?

I don't have opinions.

Is our life special in a way that makes it superior to other species'?

Not inherently.

Are all human lives valued equally?


If not, when do they begin to differ,

When they are stupid and/or a detriment to the progress of civilization.

and what purpose should one's life being more "valuable" than another's serve?

There's no objective answer to that.

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