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RSS EvilNom

Reward Points:46
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1 point

Why is it that the Left uses science when it benefits their agendas, but when it comes to the science of biology

Why is it that the right denies the extensive irrefutableness of evolution and then claims that their irrational fear of homosexuality is based in a knowledge of biology?

0 points


You should have been aborted. If you had been aborted there would be less stupidity in the world.

3 points

Your hero Marx loved and fully embraced capitalism you imbecile

The internet should put a restraining order on you. Because you are too stupid for the internet.

1 point

lol now you are insulting your own alter ego. Nice going dingus hole.

1 point

Hating an entire culture? Welcome to being what you claim to hate.

Are you smart enough to know what I claim to hate?

3 points

You mean pseudoscience. Regardless, it's liberals who provide false statistics like "1 in every 5 women are raped in the United States each year", ignoring the undeniable fact that it's been disproved many times over. It's not conservatives spewing these stats, it's liberals.

What's that? I couldn't hear you over the sound of conservatives denying climate change and basing their morality around 3000 year old texts.

1 point

Are you implying that conservatives are afraid of the truth?

It's literally been proven by neuroscience that conservatives are afraid of the truth.

1 point

You're not a Sith inquisitor

you're a bullshit exhibitor

tracing your tongue around the dicks perimeter

your cranium splits and hits the curb

when my ballista spits a blitz of words

that make metaphysical shit occur

until your ghost licks a turd

I hit a bird

with two stones

I get the vote in both red and blue zones

flew drones

through homes

and video taped bronto having sex with a dude, holmes

then I masturbated to it and stroked my huge bone

2 points

Different is not exactly the word I had in mind. I was thinking more along the lines of "substantially defective".

3 points

Why would it.. I have DNA.

You are an Ashkenazi Jew, not a Hebrew. That means your DNA is that of a polish european who's ancestors converted to a religion. Therefor you are retarded, because you associate yourself with Israel when you're from poland, you associate yourself with a religion when you're an atheist, and you call yourself "God's chsen people" when you're not an Israelite.

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Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: oringe
Winning Position: outside

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