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RSS EvilNom

Reward Points:57
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point


What stops rape is being a fat balding virgin with glasses such as yourself....Wait, that's also what causes rape.

1 point

I've had better conversations with crack addicts.

Really? I thought that's what I was doing right now.

1 point


Is that the sound your brain makes when it tries to process morality? You filthy socialist ground hog weasel raisin dick jew hating pickled pierogi catfish sandwich up your ass shoving dick head.

1 point

Wrong. Now fuck off, child.

You shouldn't use naughty words like fuck around children. You're a bad person.

1 point


You always tell people what they think and what they mean then say "stop tellingh people what they think" Then misconstroodle everything that everyone says then say they can't understand what you said.

1 point


The bongo anthem
1 point

Cost is a concept of capitalism. It costs nothing for me to give you resources. Under capitalism resources are paid for with money. Under socialism resources do not need to be paid for.

Shit for brains fuck face I didn't even disagree with you about that. What I am trying to insert into your stupid fucking twisted brain is that giving people resources costs RESOURCES whether it costs money or not. You need to learn how to read you dyslexic donkey. We don't have the RESOURCES to just give everyone everything.

Because "things" do not cost anything until capitalists tell you that they cost something. Until then they are free. You see how that works, dopey?

In a way you are right, there is no money in nature, but there is a scarcity of resources which are expendable in nature. In other words when you burn gas in your car it costs gasoline whether it costs money or not. That is why money is so useful and cool in the first place, when things are scarce the price goes up so it encourages wise resource management.

I think it is extremely easy to let a crew of people work all day and then pay you for the privilege, yes. I however fail to grasp what relevance your idiotic question has to anything I wrote.

It has to do with the fact that rich people are not doing what you just said, they are earning their money just like everyone else, they happen to get a lot more because they are the ones managing and leading and coming up with the big ideas like Bill Gates and Trump.

This is false and stupid. Rich people do not need to work hard because they are rich. Poor people need to work hard because they are poor.

Again I ask you, do you think being president and running microsoft is an easy job? Trump and Gates are way richer than you for one simple reason: You are a stupid little piss ant commoner and they are better than you.

1 point

I think LSD was legal then so.... ;)


1 point

The real question is, does God have a beer bong ;)


1 point

Does God like a dark beer or a light beer ;)


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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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