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RSS Fabpyf

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The forest kindergarten do not have tables and chairs. In contrast with the other two, They teach children whatever is found in the nature. It builds their sense of wonder and curiosity, creating a meaning to the world. Not only do this schools teaches children the basic skills; motor, cognitive skills etc, it teaches children life skills as well, how to survive through cold or wet weather. It make the children more prepared of the world around them, allowing them to be more brave.

1 point

I for one support plant rights and condemn evil humans for violently ripping plants from their roots and boiling potatoes.

1 point

Ix news, this is about f yremarks madou wah Fothe ontclyplacethat you will see play back recordings of the thousandsplace of e by these phoney Democrats concerning thbeliefseir Comey was unfit for the job.

1 point

China's simply too big. Invading China would require the entirety of Europe for any possibility of a successful campaign, and the cost for such a mission would be too high, both financially and casualty-wise.

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