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RSS FactEnforcer

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10 most recent arguments.

You chose to be fake with me

I wasn't being fake, I was listening.

pretending to agree and care about my ideas and the whole time you were sitting and laughing.

You're wrong. I was listening with an open mind despite my skepticism and truly considering what you said. What I told you wasn't a lie, even with claims like yours I can't help but question whether or not it's true.

Don't for a second thing you're the victim, you are entirely the bad guy here.

You are choosing to be the victim when I wasn't victimizing you.

You regularly attack people for nothing, one need only look at your waterfall, look at the context of your vile insult and threat streams and see that you consistently are brutally unkind to people who in no way at all provoked you.

I attack people for being stupid and because I know they are just another similar version of everyone else.

you're the type of guy to rape your colleague's wife and tell the workplace he made you do it.

You're the type of guy who would accuse someone of doing that and try to get them arrested just because they jokingly called you a name.

0 points

I was nothing but nice to you, willing to hear every thought you had.

Notice how every time we start to get along it's because I stop telling you what I think and mostly just listen to you? When I inquire about your theories with minimal input from myself is the only time we get along.

You keep saying you give as good as you get but you were 0% the victim every single time we had conflict.

I know myself pretty well, I know I can be hyper-aggressive. But I don't attack people for nothing. I am the one who escalates things, but never the one who starts them.

Out of curiosity was the situation with the0bserver even true?

Yes, it was true.

the fact you still doubt the supernatural is hilarious to me

They were using a creepypasta to troll me.

0 points

You just proved right there what you do to people if they open up to you.

Sure and what do you think has happened whenever I open up to people? I am far past the point of caring about the feelings of others, especially when they are retarded delusional idiots who attempt a full on character assassination just because I joked that they're a blue alien who fucks peacocks.

FactEnforcer(34) Clarified
1 point


Mingiwuwu is trying to do a bit of a character assassination now because I was joking with Nom that he's an alien who molests peacocks. On debateart he was telling me all about his theories and we were getting along pretty well so I guess he felt betrayed even though I didn't mean anything by it. Mingiwuwu is an overly sensitive narcissist and is totally nuts so I'd advise you not to take him too seriously. Here is a list of his insane beliefs:

he believes in flat earth

believes in a female god named Fiora

believes that Fiora made the world by translating random ones and zeros into binary code

believes that Illuminati aliens from other dimensions contact him

believes that he's a genius and is destined to be a great leader in the new world order

he believes that an oligarchy can not only be "benevolent" but is actually favorable to freedom

he believes that Hillary would make a good president

he believes that crime would be greatly reduced if everyone had the right to spy on everyone else

I think you get my point. Don't let this idiot play mind games with you.


Prove they aren't capitalists, poop breath. .

I like McDonald's

Then you're human waste. McDonalds is responsible for a great deal of obesities, diseases and unethical business practices.


If I had to choose between any of them I would go with Bernie but none of them are really any good because it's a requirement that you be a lying money grubbing scum bag to make it as an American politician.

You are nom. Nom is you. No one is fooled. We can see your IP.

You are mingi. mingi is you. No one is fooled. We can see your stupidity.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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