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RSS FactLord

Reward Points:154
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Ignoring facts belongs to you ! Shall you continue to show your stupidity is the question ???????????

You are a puffed up bloated throbbing clit face. You haven't replied to a single point that anyone makes, you ignore it and say something stupid then accuse everyone of doing what you do every time someone tries to engage your fat fanny with the facts you so desperately need.

1 point

I hope Andy prosecutes you for the way you've harassed his site.

Yes I'm sure those who can't win arguments such as yourself would rather just prosecute everyone who disagrees with you.

1 point

But grains are bad for your immune system. That's why they have such big noses, to hold all the snot because of how sick they are from grains.

1 point

Yes, also orc's are dumb brutes and dark elves are good at destruction magic.

1 point

She only likes russian men though. She is a dirty little russian whore.

1 point

Yes she has nice boobs but no I wouldn't rape her or even penetrate her consentually based on principle. She is the spawn of treason.

1 point

Why would I want Trump's daughter? She's the seed of treachery. I bet she licks Putin's balls.

1 point

If a cucumber went into a black hole it would become one with the black hole, so you are simply saying that you want your wank to be absorbed by a man's ass.

1 point


Mathfan hasn't been here in quite a while after he realized that half the people here are a british soccer coach named Nom who sticks fruit up his ass and wears a turbin.

1 point

You lying cunt. I never indicated rape apologetics because I was raped. my comment was a reference to atheists having no problem with pedos.

Listen fucktard, in the very same post you replied to condemning atheists as having no problem with pedos just because they didn't reply to bronto's debate you completely ignored bronto as he openly said he wanted to rape Trump's daughter. Now tell me what's worse, openly admitting you would rape a woman or simply being told you "have no problem with pedos" because you didn't reply to a stupid infantile debate which was only created to bash atheists in the first place?

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Winning Position: brown
Winning Position: I'm smart
Winning Position: No
Tied Positions: Orc vs. Dark elf
Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: molest

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