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Reward Points:378
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FactMachine(378) Clarified
0 points


The Walrus wants you to obey the walrus

Don't be a tapdancing hunchbacked tranney




Obey the Walrus.

2 points

I don't have a problem with homosexuals per se but the super flamboyant ones get on my nerves pretty bad and if I have to see acts of homosexuality that will piss me off.

There are a lot of mannerisms of gay people that can also piss me off but in general I don't hate gayness or gay people in and of itself, just certain things that are associated with it and the direct exposure to explicit homosexual activities which I would rather avoid. Which is why I would never be caught looking through Nathan Allen's internet search history.

Sure it's not hard, but there is still no good reason to think I'm good listener.

And who said I know anything about scripting? I am not a computer expert or a hacker but I'm not stupid either.

You are a stupid person who happens to have studied something and memorized information that I haven't, big fuckin' deal, I know plenty of things you know nothing about like biology and quantum field theory and health and nutrition and how to not be a robot zombie slave to the system or a brain washed domesticated monkey cunt bitch who spews and regurgitates partisan rhetoric like everyone else on this website.

You unbelievably stupid cretin, remember how I made a debate about it and posted the whole conversation and the link? Not to mention the other people you have tried that with undoubtedly.

GoodListener pisses me off and I am not him at all.

You are anonymous_12

You type like him and you hate NathanAllen like him and you admit to being a troll.

So it's you...GoodListener is anonymous_12

That is almost good enough for me to take you off my enemy list, but you haven't exposed his tentacle porn yet.

Blueberries turn me on

I jerk off to berries

Raspeberries, strawberries,blueberries blackberries goji berries billberries black currants red currants nyaaaaaaaaaaa cums my pants

I know you are anonymous_12 and this is yet another scheme to get our IPs.

Most of the good debates from me and Mathfan get totally ignored while all your partisan parrots prattle on about the same boring issues over and over again, I am on a higher level of consciousness than you, I am God compared to the average user on this site, you are all parasites who have forced me to resort to this because you are all so fucking boring.

When I first started using this site I didn't even use profane language and everything I said was 100% serious but after days of hearing the same things being repeated over and over and seeing how EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU is a pseudo intellectual monkey-cunt just spewing rhetoric and subjective hogwash I simply had to lower your vibrational frequency like you have lowered mine and send those negative vibes to interfere with your prana-flow.

FactMachine(378) Clarified
1 point

On second thought no I don't really want to see gay porn and japanese tentacle rape

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic

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