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10 most recent arguments.

Look at Dermot's post Eloy you sad far left dingle berry. He just strangulated any hope you had of defending your sick ideology, let's see you contend with that grand wall of information slapping you in the face like a hard gigantipithical cock hammer.

Nomenclature was just the douchebag I was hoping to inflame with this debate. I hate that communist sack of congealed gal bladder excretions from a sick whale. I saw you getting exposed to the ultraviolet stupidity rays of that DeepDarkness character, I think I hate him even more than you and Nomenclature. Nomenclature seems to defend him sometimes, It might be another manifestation of that Quantumdickhead. Since you seem to know about this guys ideology I think we should gang up on him and debate him even though I hate you, I'm somewhat familiar with ass holes like him as well but he's probably the worst one I've encountered.

I made up Lord Cornwallus.

Communist theory has inspired the development of political change from capitalism and lead to even worse shitholes of tyranny,but yes capitalism treats workers as a factor of production and exploits their labor in the interests of profits, unless it's actually a free market which currently doesn't exist, and even if you have a free market the profit incentive always leads to consumerism and croney capitalism. From communist understanding of economics comes political parties which aim to turn upside down capitalism by making the workers slaves to a totalitarian state which is why the final result that is supposed to be attained by communism can never come to fruition, once that communist government gets in power it doesn't want to leave power and a new bourgeoisie is formed. Communism is not supposed to be a form of government, but that's just it's goal of society, part of that process includes the formation of a prolitarian government which always historically has ended up as a ruthless dictatorship. From it comes socialist variations which impacts to a greater or lesser degree European countries by making them even shittier than they already are.

Jesus christ I hate you. I am so glad that I am not a butthurt negro like you who spends their whole life hating on white people, there are plenty of gay niggers, there are plenty of niggers who are pedophiles and murderers and liars, why do you blame everything on the neanderthal cave monkeys?We all have spirals in our bodies you ass hole, ever hear of fingerprints? wait a minute you just mentioned something about fingerprints, did it ever cross your mind that white people have them too? It doesn't make you special and your understanding of how waves and particles work is incredulously dumbfoundingly incoherent just like your low frequency brain waves you bitch mother fucker. Which reminds me, God doesn't exist either you anus sniffing dog, if he existed then it wouldn't be possible for you to exist because he would put a stop to it fast if he had any brains.

Fuck off, you are only in "deep darkness" because you live under a rock. Selenium is a semi conductor not a super conductor and both africans and whites have sulfur and selenium in their bodies.

You are such a fucking simpletaneous cunt. I mean come on, a gaggle gobbering blowjob device? only a crackhead nigger would come up with something so sophomoric and profane. There is no such thing as "upside down" because up and down are just an illusion created by our sense of EQUILIBRIUM which is based on our CENTER OF GRAVITY YOU RETARDED SHIT FUCKER. Damn you racist blacks who are racist against all whites because you think we're all racist are cognitively impaired. I may be more "mutated" than you but guess what? any human is more "mutated" than a single celled organism, does that mean we are all inferior to single celled organisms? And I barely even eat meat you idiot, I'm almost vegan and when I do eat meat I prefer to roast it like I just roasted your bitch ass.

I think your flow is stupid and so are you. You rap like you're a malnourished Jew. Excuse me but I'll run a saber through, till your blood is leaking like cheese from cordon bleu. Your wife is a lesbian and your Daughter is gender non conforming. what? she already had a vagina, why'd she put it in her BUTT? PS. of course you have no daughter cause' you have no nuts. Your points are dry and so is you, You suck. So do you're self a favor and learn how to type, it's your, not you're, unless you mean "you are"

Hello there deep dickhole, did you know that you are living a lie? Did you know that the youtube video you linked is made by a retard who thinks the earth is flat and that the moon is a hologram? Did you know that you can't type worth a shit? Did you know? Did you know that having neanderthal DNA made white peoples immune system stronger and made them tougher so they could adapt to a harsher environment? Did you know that neanderthals brains where just as big and complex as humans if not moreso? Did you know that my dick is bigger than yours? Debate me faggot, FactMachine is targeting your sissy ass.

Hey Deep dickhole, you are a fucking worse piece of shit than ANYONE I've seen on this site and that's saying something, buddy. You delusional fucking ass wipe let me let you in on a little secret, every single race of humans is just as barbaric and stupid and ugly and worthless and uncivilized you filthy nigger, no one is any better than anyone else, all humans are dirty filthy disgusting savage animals, any questions? Niggers have evolved to handle higher levels of radiation due to adapting to hotter climates and neanderthal cave monkeys evolved for the nipple hardening freeze of the ice age. Neither are any better or worse just adapted to different environments so either stop obsessing over meaningless shit like race or drink bleach mother fucker.

2 points

Whoever this deepdarkness guy is I think he should be kicked off the site, all he ever talks about is how much he hates white people and he's totally ahistorically pseudo intellectually clueless about biology and human history.

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Winning Position: Carrot Juice

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