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RSS Factocracy

Reward Points:270
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10 most recent arguments.
0 points

Damn, I will definitely have to use this. Thanks bro .

0 points

No I don't .

0 points

Yeah I've heard of that stuff, do you know where I could get that documentary? Is it on YT?

1 point

Mingi has no idea how good I am at figuring out people. I don't really care about getting laid or relationships right now but when I was a teenager I used to try to make girls like me using psychological manipulation and it often worked.

0 points

I am self aware you know, this would not be my choice of words if I was actually trying to seduce them.

1 point

I don't like snobby hoes in shoddy clothes

I'm giving em body blows

So wipe that dirty snotty nose

And clean them filthy grotty toes

Nobody knows, you cheeky bitch

You're cocky loads

Your body folds are fucking gross

Your pussy looks like soggy toast

1 point

Israel wants it all .

1 point

well dam them thar mooslums

are all a fuckin hoodlums

we should do them

some good ol' American justice, shoot em'

you some

stupid doofus doo doo jew scum

if you ain't wanna kill them thar bastards for fuckin' with our troops, son

put more sanctions in and shoot them

send more units in and shoot them

keep infringing on their borders and economy, then use their response as an excuse to shoot them

1 point

Feel free to chime in on whatever you want, just try to be correct about it is all I ask, and I don't mean PC but FC if you know what I mean.

Factocracy(270) Clarified
1 point

What's so great about anime?

Anime is not inherently great, but many animes are great. The animation tends to be superior (tends to be) than western animation.

Great animes include Naruto, Death Note, Future Diary, and Monster but there are plenty more. I especially recommend Death Note if you would actually like to try watching some anime, I think that might be up your alley if you can follow the plot. It is about a guy named Light (Raito in the japanese version) Yagami who finds a notebook which allows him to kill whoever he wants as long as he knows their name and face, and he uses it to attempt to rid the world of criminals and degenerates and become the ruler of a crimeless utopia.

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Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: raps I text to girls
Winning Position: I'll play Skyrim with my left hand, and masturbate to hentai with my right
Winning Position: I watch anime nd play video games and make post modern art
Winning Position: The nicest thing I can say about Bronto is that he says amusingly silly things
Winning Position: Democrats are Republicans
Winning Position: This is how easy it is for people to make the fake quotes Bronto uses
Winning Position: What will America's government/economy look like in 2050?

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