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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I had my legs blown off in war just to come back and be called a Nazi by leftist goons.

If Hitler got his legs blown off that wouldn't make him a better person

A non Marxist wouldn't use Marxists as examples of great debaters.

I used a capitalist too, does that make me a capitalist? Jesus Christ you're retarded.

1 point

magic nothing boterer

As I've explained before, your God is no better than a magic nothing monster. I don't believe in your God or in the big bang or that anything can come from nothing in the first place, so your point is equivalent to a rainbow barfing hippopotamus with a laser cannon turret protruding from it's rectum.

no objective moral compass

There is no objective morality, even if God exists his sense of morality is still his own subjective opinion.

1 point

1)I disagree.

2)Neither are SJWs or even liberals but are right wing.

1) I don't care.

2) Molyneux is an Anarcho-capitalist and Joseph at the time of the debate was an RBE advocate (He now identifies more with Marxist ideology.)

1 point

This is one of my favorite debates, and these two debaters are both better than everyone on your list.

Stefan Molyneux VS Peter Joseph
1 point

I don't need to answer that question, saying "ass vomit" automatically makes everything you say wrong because you are vulgar and mean.

1 point

1)some are liberals.

2)So let us see an SJW great debater. I'll wait.

1) I don't care if they're liberals, I'm not a liberal.

2) I don't think SJWs are great debaters, I think their all stupid pussies.

1 point

If you think those are great debaters then you have been singing in the wrong echo chamber.

1 point

My arguments about objective truth where just as reasonable and more extensive than yours. Just because I am loud and profane doesn't mean I am not also reasonable.

1 point

And you think religious people don't live in reality.

I recognise the difference between fantasy and reality, religious people conflate the two.

1 point

I wouldn't insult your intelligence by trying to patronize you

Yes you would, you do it all the time.

Maybe I'm a defeatist, but I doubt if there is a solution to the self destructive, death wish of the human race.

There is, but for it to come to fruition is very unlikely. Either small groups will have to emancipate themselves from the established order and build their own cities, and gather more land and more people as they demonstrate the effectiveness of the RBE until the entire planet succumbs to it's superior efficiency and standard of living. Or society will collapse on an international scale, and we will just barely save our species as we are forced to adjust to the fact that our old systems are no longer sustainable.

I long for the day when a determined global initiative commences to rid the world of plastics and the catastrophic results its use, in all its forms, has on the environment and all life on earth

Maybe a new material will be invented which can serve all the purposes that plastics currently do without the negative repercussions, but the plastic industry will fight that to the death unless they can find a way to profit from it.

In terms of global political influence the petrochemical/plastic industry is a superpower in its own right.

This is the problem with capitalism, it allows corporations and banks to become more powerful than the state itself, and before you know it profit becomes the primary motivation of all society's institutions and things such as the environment or the health of human beings becomes a side issue.

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