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RSS Falhalterra

Reward Points:21
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1 point

There are intolerant people in every single political party. What is wrong is categorizing the whole majority of them for being intolerant when you obviously haven't met every single one of them and talked to them.

1 point

No, it is a social-networking site. I would vote Sporcle over Facebook for the fact those are mostly memory games and actually help with some subjects in the classroom.

If Facebook had more educational value than friend/connection value, then it would be fine.

1 point

Each race has something that the other doesn't. This doesn't make one fully superior over the other.

1 point

Renewable energy one day could possibly replace fossil fuels. There are plenty of fossil fuels that could easily run out at some point and really muck up the environment and cause pollution. I know right now we cannot easily replace all our original fuel sources to renewable energy, but we can do it on a pretty small scale. I'm for Nuclear fission and energy, but only if they can find better ways to reduce their waste. Until then, I'll try to remain realistic about our current energy situation.

1 point

I can only agree on Yes, because it is cheaper in my area, despite how pissed I am at BP. My car runs on their gas very well too.

2 points

The plot is better in Harry Potter and has much better character development than I have seen in Twilight. I am basing my opinions here on the books, but even with the movies, Harry Potter just seems more developed and intellectual, like there is actual mystery and palatable emotions that you receive from the actors. There are also stronger female characters in Harry Potter compared to Twilight; Bella just seems way too apathetic and so weak as a lead character in the first place aka the feminist's worst nightmare.

And yes, read all of the books for each sides to make this statement more plausible. lol

19 points

If there is no evidence leading up to a God, I do not believe. Any sort of God would not ignore suffering like there has always been. Any 'miracle' these days can be fully debunked.

So I do not see a point in believing in something that's made up.

1 point

Since you cannot prove God exists and only man has stated claims of God, then it's man. Why else lie to ourselves?

1 point

I understand the fact of life that species do go extinct and appreciate the cycle. In the past I would have agreed with the latter because I just accepted it as that. But I can also agree with saving the few endangered species out there because it says on a whole that we humans can be compassionate creatures willing to give some species their second chances due to habitat changes and being shot down by poachers so often. The habitat out there isn't very fair and hasn't been fair ever since humans went Industrial, so I think there's a point in saving a few endangered species. At least just give them the chance since we can be merciful.

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