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RSS FreddyDog

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1 point

Is it worse to think a creator might theoretically exist, with no audible voice to listen to, or to not consider that possibility and create your own god, the state, who has a literal, audible voice that you bow to as your god.

Living independently, thinking their might be a creator, isn't comparable to a genius living in his mommy's basement, demanding things he's never worked for from his Communist overlord, who plans on giving you less than you have now.

No comment? There's a surprise.

1 point

And a prime example of this brainwashing is Nom.

1 point

I would say that the old woman is most assuredly going in for the kiss and some tongue.

4 points

The Democrats went full Stalin, and still lost. Congrats to Kavanaugh.

1 point

Much of Islam is a religion without control today.


Christianity has been a religion without control at times, (they want to be again!)!

It created the West, America, and the nations everyone is running to in order to get away from Communist and Islamic nonchristianized nations.

How about just giving a nod to what has worked and respecting its giant contribution to liberty and freedom and the history of your nation.

1 point

Obama says he killed Osama Bin Laden for 9/11. Tell us about that.

7 points

There Aren't Any Rightist Professors

Pretty much proves liberals are more than ready to not be diverse or tolerant.

Also proves it isn't rightest teaching kids to self identify as inanimate objects, animals, other genders, other species, or to believe in looney tunes land where people need the government to wipe their non adult asses.

0 points

Explain how an idiot maintains, then escalates the economy and unemployment to world record numbers. Is it magic?

1 point

My side HATES Russia.

Never did pre Trump. Dems faught in defense of Russia the last 70 years. When Dems hate, it's always tactical, never genuine.

The second thing is, I've actually been at WAR with communists.. I'm certainly not interested in furthering their cause.

Probably in the wrong party then.

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