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RSS FrogofLondon

Reward Points:36
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10 most recent arguments.

I believe I simply have a mental disorder

That's the first step to recovery buddy.


In other words you'll be ignoring that being well off would destroy your entire political narrative, and your claim that capitalists are bad for having money. God, you're a genius.

Your jealously of my superior intellect

You have the lowest IQ on the site. Good job having mental retardation buddy.

All these trash "debates" appearing on the board like "Yams or Sweet Potatoes" and "Tootsie or Roll" are Bronto alt accounts farming for free points.

How does bronto get any points from other accounts creating debates?

First? You're the only nation to ever have fired nukes

And it took a liberal to drop them.

When enemy missiles are in the air, the president has 9 minutes to fire back.

Which we only know because a stupid Democrat gave out top secret information in a debate against Donald Trump.

Was being the FIRST to fire our nukes EVER our policy??

Ask the Japanese. Democrats lit them up like it was Christmas.

Democrats are notorious for shutting down the government to ram through their pet projects. STFU.

To prove liberals are lying hypocrites who will allow people to go months or years without getting paid to block a wall they once endorsed and for more money.

0 points

We know that Democrats lie like it's going out of style, then call it politics. We also know that the same people calling Trump a liar have printed and created provably false stories over and over to the point we don't give a flying shit.

It's not a comeback. I fed you a reality sandwich. It's your turn to get raped for 8 years. We're going to do whatever we want, just like Democrats, and if your party keeps moving left, you'll never win the Presidency again in your lifetime. Don't grab the soap.

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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