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RSS FromWithin

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10 most recent arguments.

LOL, it is you who wants to censor religious expression but not censor LGBT activism.


I said if we are going to censor any religious epression that offends someone, then WE MUST CENSOR ALL THINGS that may offend someone. You can't have it all your way!

Do you want to live in a police state? I would prefer the freedom to express our beliefs on public grounds as the voters in those communities decide. If the community was a majority Jewish, or Islamic, or Athiest, etc, etc. they would decide for themselves if they wanted to display something.

BUT BIG BROTHER LEFT SAYS NO! They say if the one is offeded by a prayer, we must censor all schools. It's funny how these insecure control freaks have no problem offending millions of Christians with LGBT activism.


You know, what's so sad about people like you is the total unbelievable hypocrisy of your double standards.

Maybe you are too young, or simply lack the intellect to see what happened to our religious freedoms of expression in this nation.... because of closed minded intolerant people on the Left.

Did you know our communities once had the freedom to choose if they wanted to put out a nativity scene on public land? Insecure people like you and on the Left felt threatened by Christian displays durng Christimas. HELLO?

Our local public schools once had the freedom to choose if their school opened the day with a simple prayer (with no child forced to pray). Insecure people could not stand being exposed to the diversity of beliefs and expressions of our majority faith in this nation.

These same insecure people who could not stand the thought of their children hearing a PRAYER (SAY IT AINT SO), but want us all to bow down to activist Gays indoctrinating our children at every turn whether in our schools or on our popular TV shows.

People on the Left are complete hypocrites. If you want to censor religious expression on public grounds(for fear of offending someone), then you must censor all things that may offend. CAN YOU GRASP THAT SIMPLE CONCEPT?

Obviously the Left wants to live in a Big Brother police state whereby things that may offend the Left will be censored, but of course if it offends the Right it is ok.

If that was your idea of being faceteous, it failed miserably.

People on the Left want the conversation to always revolve around some perceived notion of certain groups being victims of hateful groups of Conservatives or Christians. Complete lie as always.

Christians and Conservatives are fine with people having the freedom to live as they please, not being bullied, etc. etc.

What we won't stand for is when these activists coming out of the closet want to sue Churches to force them to have Gay Sunday school teachers.

Christian Pastors do not want to be forced to marry Homosexuals because it goes against their faith.

Christian family owned businesses don't want to be forced to cater events that go against their faith.

Parents with children in public schools do not want activist LGBT groups forcing EVERY public school to allow so called Transgender boys in our daughter's bathrooms.

IS ANY OF THIS GETTING THROUGH TO YOU? Nah, you are probably lost in your Liberal political correct cult whereby you have the right to tell others their bathroom policies in schools, force every state to change their marriage laws, tell people what they should believe and how they should live their faith.

Newsflash, you have come out of the closet. Now try giving respect to those who do not think or believe what you think and believe. Quit trying to use the courts to force everyone to embrace your orientations. You give us respect for who we are and what we believe, and we will do the same.

Let me explain something. Fifty years ago our families were willing to support their family members without demanding free stuff from tax payers.

Family and Church were our main safety net for the helpless and disabled. Along came closeted socialists who started pushing the narrative that it takes a village to raise a child.


The Left has done all in it's power to separate God from our public and with it separate any mention of moral values and personal responsibility.

The Left has a no fault anything goes ideology and has no problem with rewarding personal irresponsibility. Becuase of this no fault ideology, our morals and family values started falling apart. With each passing year, the numbers of fatherless homes are growing in record numbers.

Fathers are being replaced by case workers and guess what? It is no longer families taking care of their own, but high paid social workers supporting the disabled as well as the able bodied.

We are watching a ponzey scheme created by socialist Democrats for votes, and it will end in bankrupcy. The family has been the best economical social support group since the beginning of time. Liberals say no! They say it takes a Government to raise a child.

I say a family that can support a disabled family member, SHOULD DO SO! For those disabled people with no other means of support, then yes, we compassionate Americans would always support a safety net for those who have no means to help themselves.

I wonder how much the Rich Leftists such as George Soros have given to the likes of Mathews to make total fools of themselves and mindlessly and deceptively insult Trump and Conservatives.

These people can not be that stupid so they must be corrupt selfish people driven by power and money.

It's sad how far evil people will go for fame and money.

FromWithin(4445) Clarified
1 point

I just told you hardly anyone(including myself) would be offended by giving thanks to the Lord for something. That would be like being offended when someone says God Bless you after you sneeze. IT IS NOT CONTROVERSIAL!

There are probably a few wackos out there who would be offended by such minor stuff but they are not worth mentioning.

We are talking about very controversial issues that the Left CONSTANTLY pushes into our children's minds. It matters not if you don't think it is controversial, IT OBVIOUSLY IS TO MILLIONS OF PARENTS WHO KEEP TELLING THE LEFT IT IS CONTROVERSIAL!

Do you hear anyone saying we should not be thanking the Lord for something on TV? GET REAL!

FromWithin(4445) Clarified
1 point

Now lets take the Amish and their beliefs that if you use electricity, you are using man's technology and thereby being of the world.

Here are some words explaining some Amish beliefs.....

"According to the Amish, "progress" is not assumed to mean "something better." Hence, the Amish do not fully accept the modern conveniences that their non-Amish neighbors take for granted. It is acceptable within Amish communities to use some limited forms of electricity (such as battery power for the lights on their buggies), and some machinery (such as tractors without rubber tires). However, most elements from mainstream society - such as electricity generated by public power lines, TVs, computers and modern tractors - are considered to be tempting elements from an "outside world" that could lead the Amish away from their close-knit community or weaken the family structure."

Now I'm assuming you use electricity, so you tell me where do people draw the line when it comes to the use of worldly technology.

I watch what I consider good shows on TV but you look at TV as being of the world and being all bad because they also show bad shows.

Now you will say you use electricity for good purposes while the world uses it for showng bad things on TV.

Do you see what happens when we go down the path of legalism and judging people for things not even mentioned in the Bible.

Do you want the Amish people judging you for using electricity? They will say you have sold yourself to the pleasures of the world.

I agree with you that Christians should do their best to keep separate from the temptations of the world, but technology can be used for good. Who is to say that God was not behind these inventions that have benefitted the poor and helpless even though it could also be used for evil.

Under that logic we would not use guns because evil people use them for murder.

There is nothing on this Earth that could not be used for evil or good. The sin is when we choose to use it for things that go against God's teachings.

There is plenty of evil to speak out against without looking for ways to judge others. Judging an individual is something God also hates. God will judge us all for what we have chosen in life. There is no need to be doing God's job.

I'm not on this site lets say to judge some woman who has had an abortion. I'm on this site to try and change our laws that make it legal to kill unborn babies. God will deal with people who have abortions or support abortions.

FromWithin(4445) Clarified
1 point

I never said that and you know it. I said if someone came on and gave their message of salvation to the world, many Atheist parents would not want their children hearing this.

These shows would never air those testimonials, etc. but love the chance to push the LGBT message.

Please be honest and admit you understand what I am saying. It's all about respect for other's beliefs. A singer thanking the Lord is not at all controversial and if it is, I feel sorry for the insecure person offended by that.

Parents have the right to sit down with their children, and watch a TV music competition without being indoctrinated on any subject that could be controversial.

2 points

Thank you for having the common sense honesty to say it like it is.

The Left always tries to say that Conservtives or Christians hate Gays. It is a complete lie and used in the same manner as constantly saying Conservatives are racists, exnophobic, etc. etc.

If it were not for the Left constantly playing the race card, or the victim card, or the LGBT card, etc. etc., Americans might just all get along and better respect each other.

The Left seems bent on division between groups, and constantly using this politically.

It is always difficult to do what's best for our nation. You will constantly be crucified by the Liberal left who want those illegal immigrant votes.

Yes it will be hard to build that wall but will be worth it if it prevents many criminals from so easily getting into our nation.

Start looking at the benefits rather than the hardship. Will the wall save us money in the long run? Those on the borders who understand the problem say it will.

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