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RSS FromWithin

Reward Points:4185
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10 most recent arguments.
3 points

Like the good little liberal you are, you always want less military spending and more social spending on bloated programs pandering to the Democrat low income vote.

Just as the Left could not care less about the working man, they also do not care about the lives of military personel.

All of our money should be spent on what the Left wants it spent on and the rest of us working folks can all fall into poverty as well. This way, big government is here to stay supporting all Americans in their impoverished lives.

That has been the Left's game paln for decades. Trump put a hiccup in their plans...


2 points

LOL, the Left refuses to even deport illegal criminals from sanctuary cities, yet we have people wanting to ban a Church for their views.

I agree that this Church is extreme in many of it's views and i would never set foot in it's doors, but they have a right to express their beliefs the same as these radical feminists teling us all how they thought many times about blowing up the whitehouse.

It's funny there is no outrage from the left when their side is extreme.

When their side censors conservative speakers in Colleges, etc., it is ok.


FromWithin(4185) Clarified
1 point

You must not have follwed these past decades. It's a constant slippery slope from sanctioning one disorder to the next.

None of this transexual, transgender, transracial stuff can be verified.

We are all suppose to just accept it on their word that they are who they say they are.

People can change their skin color, they can change their sexual parts, but it means absolutely nothing.

We are all suppose to deny the norms of biology and now race on the say so of others.

We are suppose to allow boys in our daughter's bathrooms on the say so of some dysfunctional kid? GET REAL!

Just because this lady does not fit into your definition of LGBTQXYZABCD groups, does not mean they will not start the next political correct lunacy concernng race.

You watch and see.

One last post to the site clown.

I don't refuse to debate the other side, I refuse to debate you the site clown who copies debates that you just claimed you hardly ever read. You have strange debating skills.

You don't read my debate yet you copy the debate so you can ridicule the person who created the debate. You just admitted that you have no interest in debating my debates since you seldom even read them. Thanks for admitting what a total fool you are.

You are the site clown trying to bring attention to yourself and getting points that you are incapable of getting on your own.

The people that post on your copied debates are mostly the deceptive people i ban. Do you think I want them posting on my debates? I ban them for a reason.

You keep right on wasting your time stalking my every debate. Keep copying them so people can not miss them and read my words.

Thank you for doubling the exposure of my opinions.


I TOLD YOU! They will go to the other public schools who do a better job. Those public schools will grow and good riddance to the bad schools.

Who knows, maybe they will get rid of the bad teachers, bad superintendents, and make the school better. WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN!

What we know for sure is that these failed schools never get better when not pushed to do so.

WAKE UP! We need to get rid of the teachers union and start running our schools like a business where tenured teachers do not get to keep their jobs if they are no good.

The main thing public unions do is cost the tax payers much more while keeping bad teachers.

Common sense! You need to rid your mind of the decades of conditioning by this far Left Democrat Party and start thinking for yourself once more.

Feminism, as with many groups, started out with a noble cause. But as with many groups, were taken over by extremists whose goal went far beyond the original intent of the group.

Can you even imagine a group originally fighting for women's rights, degrading to such a point whereby they fight for the right to kill viable girl babies for any reason at any stage up to birth.

Think about that! Their activist group has degraded to a selfish me me me me mentality whereby viable girl babies have become burdens and inconvienances to their careers and life styles.

It's no surprise that these radical feminist groups reside in the new extremist Democrat Party.

Just to let you the site clown understand, I never open up any sites you waste your time looking up.

You are the fool copying debates. The day I ever acknowledge anything you say or any site you post will be never.

Now I hope you keep spending your life chained to my every post and I hope you spend lots of time researching sites. It warms my heart to see you waste so much of your life reading every word of my posts.

The control I have on you is quite amazing.

Have you lived in a cave for decades now?

Here's how it goes. I have many relatives who would love to send their children to better schools, but they can not afford both their public school taxes on top of the private school tuitions.

We are not talking rocket science here. If it is hard for you to grasp, let me explain it to you.

Lets say my relatives are spending $2000 per year on public school taxes when they pay their property taxes.

If they could use their tax money to go towards the school of their choice, they could afford to send their kids to the better schools. WOW, what a concept!

The bad schools would lose students and the better schools would gain students.

There would be fewer students in the bad schools, so there would be fewer teachers and costs. The schools could be down sized and the better schools could grow.

Pretty soon the bad schools would have to decide if they want to stay in business. If the school made changes, they might actually start getting a better reputation and whala, people would start sending their kids back these schools.

Are you following yet? It's called competition.

Did you realize that one room school houses 50 years ago had one teacher teaching kindergarten through six grade. The kids still actually learned the basics. Go figure.

It's not more money needed to make schools work, it's called good teachers and good parents.

You are a liar! Never have they shown a lion or dolphin that does not ever have sex with the opposite sex and only has sex with the same sex.

We constantly hear this same pathetic lie from Gay activists. Show us all the gay pets please. And when you don't, don't waste our times with dogs humping anything that moves. Show me a dog that does not want sex with the opposite sex.

Yes that "fetus" (unborn human life) has no rights thanks to evil tyrants like you who keep it legal to kill them. Funny how you hate the rights of those unborn women.

I wasted enough time with an inhumn fool. IGNORE!

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Winning Position: 84 Lumber supports illegal immigration! I will never again set foot in their store.

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"Conservative, Pro Life, pro smaller Government because Government has proven to be mostly corrupt."

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