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RSS Gal123

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Definitely! Prayer before meals is mandatory! Those who don't pray before a meal, should reconsider.

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Yes, I agree liking games is not an addiction, but, does it not lead to addiction in gaming?

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Good Day/Night ladies and gentlemen. I am here to debate in favor of the following statement: Gaming is an addiction. I strongly believe gaming is an addiction because there have been surveys, and other experiments done to see whether or not gaming is an addiction. Many games involve points, coins, or on line money. People become addicted to these games because they want to beat other players. This makes games become a competition between each other making a person always wanting to beat another player. Even once a player has beat another, the player wants to keep playing and beat more people.

Secondly, some games have levels. A player becomes desperate to beat all of these levels and reach the finish. This also addicts players.

I, myself, know many players who are addicted to some games because of the reasons I stated above. For these reasons and more, I FIRMLY believe gaming is an addiction.

Thank you.

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Winning Position: Should NOT be year-round.
Winning Position: TV is a bad influence.
Winning Position: Ban death penalty in US.

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