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There's a reason each state has its own primary - the only reason a candidate should 'drop out' before a convention is if there's absolutely no way they could get the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination.

Clearly, large numbers of Democrats qould prefer Hillary over Obama. There's no reason to disenfranchise them because he's presently ahead. If he had garnered the number of delegates required, then of course, but he hasn't.

That's said without any bias toward one or the other.

Now Ron Paul? It's time he faced the music.

5 points

The problem is that we are stuck with the misnomer "Global Warming" because it's a nice, neat, media soundbyte.

If you follow the science of meteorology at all, the effects on the environment - raising the temperature enough to melt polar ice caps - is accompanied by extreme winter weather... so the 'warming' isn't really evident when looking at 'average' temperatures.

But anyone who thinks that the melting of the polar icecaps and the rise in water levels, increase in hurricane intensities, increase of cyclonic activity, tornadoes, earthquakes and extreme weather isn't related to the amount of pollution in our atmosphere? Needs to go retake 9th grade Earth Science.

3 points

If you aren't following and being followed by more than 50 people, you will find it hard to understand the beauty of Twitter.

If the only things you tweet, or the people you follow tweet, are about what kind of cereal you are eating, if your reading the newspaper, or going to sleep? Expect to be bored.

If you want to get Twitter. Google "new to twitter" find one of the excellent posts about how to get in the flow, and you'll get hooked.

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