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RSS GhostOfNom

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2 points

I dunno many Bible verses, but the one I like is about treating your neighbor as you would yourself..

You pretend your neighbours are Jewish too? Awesome. What do they make of your mental illness?

GhostOfNom(166) Clarified
1 point

In fact, if a truth dies, The Truth doesn't die.

You sound like Rudy Giuliani, mate.

Interviewer: "Truth is truth."

Rudy Giuliani: "Truth is not truth."

1 point

It is your position that you evolved from pond scum

No it isn't. Don't tell me what my position is, psychopath. And you didn't claim I had "evolved from pond scum". You called me pond scum in the present tense.

GhostOfNom(166) Clarified
1 point

The problem with this definition is...Why would a self-sustained chemical system (capable of undergoing Darwinian evolution) acquire consciousness (the ability to modify its environment)? ;)

Well, no. It isn't a problem with the definition because the definition doesn't mention consciousness. You added that part yourself. It is however, a very good question. The scientific answer of course is that consciousness is a genetic mutation which greatly assisted the survival of our species.


It leads onto some far more interesting questions. For example: why is life self-sustaining? What explains the survival of life before it became conscious and hence decided it wanted to survive? Physics bends towards chaos, not order, so why did life continue to survive and grow?

1 point

What psychopathy, pond scum?

^ This psychopathy.

The psychopathy that causes you to describe non-believers as "pond scum", on the sole basis that they don't want anything to do with your wackadoodle religion.

1 point

The problem with there being a creator is, who created the creator?

In fairness that isn't a problem because you're implying an infinite regression must necessarily exist in order for anything to be created. It works against atheists too if you think about it. For example: the problem with computers having a creator is who created the creator?

1 point

OP's claim is BS. Christians give a lot to their own churches, not to charity. OP is conflating these two concepts and the different motives involved.

1 point

The Left hates Bible believing Christians because we show their true colors.

You claim you believe the Bible, but you deny all knowledge of the first half of it. Do you mental illness much?

1 point

There must be a public exorcism to rid him of whichever unholy entity has corrupted his mind. It's the only way.

1 point

Tell me the verses in the Christian New Testament

Tell me which Christian Bibles don't include the Old Testament.

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