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RSS GhostWriter

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1 point

Pfffft, you believe in the moon? It's clearly a MAN MADE object to trick us that we ARENT just simulations, an ant farm to the higher powers that play with us and treat us like sims!!!!!!

1 point

I think that quite frankly, its no one's business if a woman gets an abortion. Don't like abortion? don't get one but don't prevent women from getting them no matter the circumstances, her body her choice. And a lot of people need to back up and think about the woman before the baby.

1 point

I'm younger than you by a few years, but you're still pretty young

1 point

Everyone says that they deserve the right to protect themselves, and they do, but that's all well and good until one of them goes crazy and decide to shoot up a mall, or a mosque or a bullied kid finds his dads gun and shoots up his school. Guns don't kill people, people kill people but fuck knows guns make it a hell of a lot easier. Guns should be controlled, or at the very very least have much more thorough background checks and tests to have a licence to own a gun, or the shootings won't stop at such a lethal rate that they currently are, if anything, they'll only get more lethal with the more people who own guns.

1 point

No. WW three is the next one buddy. Not 2. That has been and gone.

1 point

If it is possible for you to help him and you chose not to, i would argue yes you are responsible, but if there isn't a way for you to help without being put in peril yourself, then no

1 point

I do not mean this to be offensive, and I will always fight for people to have religious freedom, and for the right to worship any god they choose. I personally don't believe in God or Gods, and I truly believe if there is a God, they don't care for us. Religion is a power play, always has been, a way for people to gain power, with threats of hell if they don't follow the church. So no, I don't believe in a god, but I respect people who do and won't bag you for it and no one should.

1 point

Now, do not get me wrong I am not a fan of school, who the heck is. But it's vital right? I argue that instead of having shorter days that in fact, we start school later, around 10 am so our brains have time to wake up, we can sleep in a little and feel more refreshed going into school, but have them run later into the night.

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