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RSS God-

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2 points

When Bronto says he's a native American veteran in a wheelchair, one should assume he is the direct ancestor of the man who killed more Natives than anyone in history, that he dodged the draft and that he has four legs.

0 points

I might be able to do that in all honesty, if I really really wanted to. But I am much more into females and I don't know how hot you are right now.

0 points

Yes, I am genuinely curious about your dick. How big is it and what shape is it? Does it like to lean to the left or the right?

1 point

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH so that's why there is so much anti-communist propaganda in all forms of media. Thanks for clearing that up Bront.

0 points

My dick is somewhere very close to 8 inches whether you play word games or not. It may be a little less or more, I haven't measured it since I was 14 like I said and it is approximately an inch longer now.

Does your wank have a comparable size?

1 point


Since I am here more than you I can assure you that Bronto frequently quotes Nazi propagandists, the problem being that he is using literal Nazi propaganda which was designed to fool the working class into voting for Nazis to claim that Nazism is genuinely left wing. Everyone with half a brain knows that the Nazis had a lot of bullshit rhetoric, which Bronto is the one believing in and promoting by quoting the lies of Nazis as if they genuinely express the nature of Nazism. Nazis claiming to be socialists is like the child sex trafficking van claiming to be an icecream truck.

1 point

You should blow your nose into Bronto's nose and make him snort it like cocaine.

God-(96) Clarified
1 point

harsh truth

I just don't see any evidence for it. The only link you gave me which directly says what you said put no science behind the claim and then made a blatantly false statement directly afterwards which can be debunked after 5 seconds of googling.

his enemy

We don't have to be enemies, we can be frenemies or indifferent acquaintances.

2 points

All things that are this can also be that and vice versa, but the truth remains no matter how you want to word it.

God-(96) Clarified
1 point

This is the response of a man who makes assertions based on their own intuition without bothering to fact check.

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Winning Position: truth

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