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RSS God-

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2 points

When Bronto says he's a native American veteran in a wheelchair, one should assume he is the direct ancestor of the man who killed more Natives than anyone in history, that he dodged the draft and that he has four legs.

1 point

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH so that's why there is so much anti-communist propaganda in all forms of media. Thanks for clearing that up Bront.

1 point


Since I am here more than you I can assure you that Bronto frequently quotes Nazi propagandists, the problem being that he is using literal Nazi propaganda which was designed to fool the working class into voting for Nazis to claim that Nazism is genuinely left wing. Everyone with half a brain knows that the Nazis had a lot of bullshit rhetoric, which Bronto is the one believing in and promoting by quoting the lies of Nazis as if they genuinely express the nature of Nazism. Nazis claiming to be socialists is like the child sex trafficking van claiming to be an icecream truck.

1 point

You should blow your nose into Bronto's nose and make him snort it like cocaine.

1 point

If the answer was no, would that prove that God exists? .

1 point
1 point

"Everyone works for the banks"? That's a rather bizarre statement.

He means that all the money comes from and returns to the banks, not that everyone is literally employed by banks. In the USA the Federal Reserve (a privately owned bank) essentially runs the monetary system and has everyone by the balls financially including the government.

2 points

Except that a lot of extremely rich people aren't married and dropped out of high school.

2 points

Why the fuck would I support any president? They are all there to serve the elite.

1 point

I own the universe .

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