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RSS God_

Reward Points:507
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1 point

I this instance it is quite clear what happened and it is just as clear what needs to happen. The officers should be indited and they deserve it.

1 point


1 point

YOU'RE THE HYPOCRITE! : For talking about not copying debates and then copying! And he was not whining about the banning but commenting how you broke your own title by banning him thus making you a DOUBLE HYPOCRITE!

1 point

Her debate title was fallacious and blatantly broke it on multiple occasions: at least 2


I banned him by accident. How do I fix that? .


You've banned two already! and one of them was one who commented on the fact that you've broken your title... I don't think it was an accident: "There are no accidents" ~ Master Oogway

Overall her ability to maintain a statement of what she said she would do/ implied she would do is clearly false, showing her arrogance/stupidity (as they walk hand in hand)

0 points

You've banned two already! and one of them was one who commented on the fact that you've broken your title... I don't think it was an accident: "There are no accidents" ~ Master Oogway

1 point

Dumbass... didn't listen to a thing he said did you?

Besides this is a "No Banning" debate isn't it?

1 point

The beliefs and extremist actions of a few do not constitute the hatred of a whole.

1 point

1. Simplify the tax code. A flat tax rate.

2. Entitlement reform. Government employed doctors certify who is really unable to do any kind of work. Those recipients of welfare who can work must work to receive benefits.

4. End the war on drugs.

5. Eliminate deficit spending. Take Georgia for an example: implement a balanced budget law - constitutional amendment maybe?

6. Put an end gerrymandering.

7. Eliminate the US D.o.Edu.

8. Remove DOT and leave coordinating to the States.

God_(507) Clarified
1 point


1 point

I believe that in most cases applying this principle will result in a satisfactory, correct answer. This would apply to much of life, like everyday things (see GenericName's argument), but not to all of life, such as politics, romance, religion, etc. where it is common to have red herrings and other such objects of misdirection or interpretive implications.

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