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RSS Godzilla

Reward Points:12
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Because everyone in your country is white and comes from a Christianized culture.

1 point

And there are Democrats like Louis Farrakhan who claim to love Hitler & are tied to prominent Democrat Congressmen.

1 point

You literally refuse to denounce a man who says Hitler was a good man & tried to defend liberalism by quoting a slave owner.

1 point

You literally tried to defend liberalism by quoting a slave owner........................

1 point

Why? Are they going to cover those Bill Clinton rapes that the media swept under the rug in the 90's?

1 point

1)His assessment of Britain's whiteness is correct. 94.1% White. Google it. And if the rest of Europe is whiter than that, that only proves his point.

2)His assessment on gangs and minorities is correct. There are more minorities in America than people living in the UK.

3)You ignored the point about how to disarm 33,000 gangs with millions of members.

4)Are you a dumbass?

Supporting Evidence: UK 94.1% white (
1 point

The solitary point of having an economic system in the first place is so that it benefits everybody or almost everybody

I be Quantumhead puppet.

You are wanker. Everybody doesn't mean every bodies from other countries you lizard brains.

& if the bloody wanks won't save money like adult it is no Godzilla fault.

Economic system can no make Libby wankers save the money. They be go & buy $1,000 phone & the $5 Red bull. Not Godzilla fault. Quantumhead fault. Pay 4 you own food. This Godzilla food. You need the lizard food.

0 points

That makes no sense. We elect a black man but are bigots & racists? WTF? Get a clue dude. You can buy one at

0 points

Trump taught us that if we elect someone who actually loves their country, we don't get punished for having no health insurance.

1 point

We could. It'd be easier to create artificial environments than travel light years to planets that are not habitable.

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