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RSS Gossip_lies

Reward Points:8
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

That's off topic. We are in 2017 not 2012. Hope you not like quam.......

1 point

That's a lie you douchbag. You know it then you act all high and mighty. What a hypocrite.

1 point

I was about to post to qua, but realized you already did it for that rock hard user. Thanks

2 points

I agree because this provides what Diana went through, and it's not "biased" as it could be in books. I get privacy, but if you going to do a report and someone like this, you would like a documentary of it rather than the books as it does not give her facts about her personal life and can make the report "incomplete". I hear over in the U.K that they are a joke, and if it's true, then it shouldn't really matter. Everything gets out eventually, so no use in hiding it.

1 point

I highly doubt it. But I know ur just a hypocrite. So I'll not respond anymore after this. Try and clear ur eyes with the natural aura.

1 point

U scrub. Ur name is disgraceful, why don't you change it to North Korea and see what happened then. You're a hypocrite

1 point

Guns shouldn't be allowed becuase pole with their short temper kill others without regret. All gun should be banned. We should follow China's example. You never see guns there.

0 points

You're a liar. I bet your one of the republicans who does the EXACT same thing one way or another. Stop being a hypocrite.

1 point

Your blind. Dumb noob. Why don't you go and say "abortion doesn't hurt anyone". Hypocrite.

1 point

Your a stupid person. When you realize ur like the other blond people, you would come begging for mercy.

Winning Position: No it doesn't matter

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"When I write something, I feel a reason to. But sometimes I do joke around."

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