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RSS Grenache

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1 point

1) My comment was funny and your's is just dry. You're a boring troll.

2) I'm not in the EU or Poland so I don't really have or need a position on whether the EU should impose anything on its member state Poland.

1 point

Everyone needs a drivers license to drive. They're hurtling 4000 pounds around.

An enormous amount of wild food is poisonous or at least inedible. Ever wonder why you can't walk out into your yard and make a salad with one of everything you see, genius?

1 point

1) Yes. We feel NOT diapering our children would be like unleashing two more trolls spewing sh!t upon the world.

2) It's "you're" not "your".

3) Which corporation do you allege is evil, Pampers, or Amazon? Should we instead be buying from Zvezda?

4) Obviously you have no experience with parenting.

Grenache(3901) Clarified
1 point

Fair enough. I think rape steps up the level of depravity. It's a trauma few ever recover from, which is also why oppressive militias do it as a strategy when they conquer a region they hate.

And then a step further than rape is child rape, even worse.

But hey, I understand each case is different circumstances. I'm not really a mandatory minimums sort of guy. I was just expressing my disgust for rape, especially living in a society that amazingly enough often dismisses it.

1 point

God can do anything he wants, hypothetically. .............................

Grenache(3901) Clarified
1 point

They do indeed already have laws for that and with punishments varied based on charge and circumstance. I'm all for justice. What's fair is fair.

Grenache(3901) Clarified
1 point

Wrong, life would be exponentially more dangerous if you didn't need a license to drive or working brakes and brake lights, etc. And if your food was unlabeled, expired, and laced with DDT. I don't even need to go on.

1 point

People who commit crimes need to be either locked up or sent back home.

But with that said, let's put the statistics in perspective. It says that's looking at the 969 illegals who are convicts. The population of illegals in Oregon is estimated at 130,000. unauthorized-immigrants/

So you've just proven less than 1% of illegals (.74538462) commit crimes serious enough to land them in jail. Heck, they behave better than the US citizen population.

The other thing is it could just be the final trigger that makes the state lock them away is when they do the sex crimes. It's like if they only chose to arrest illegals who rob convenience stores the stats would say almost all illegals in prison rob convenience stores.

1 point

People should aspire to learn truth but understand that the information they learn as well as the limits to their own senses may mean the truth they think they know actually isn't the truth. And for those of you absolutists who say that's being subjective, it isn't. There may indeed be some absolute truths, but our ability to discern what those are may be flawed. And turning to a holy book and saying there, the god tells you absolute truth, is also flawed when you consider people wrote those books and told those stories and they're limited to what they also think they learned and what their senses may have lead them to conclude.

Questioning the truth ultimately is not an assault upon it, it's instead a fresh effort to rise above and understand it better.

1 point

Rapists should be thrown down a hole, never to be seen or heard from again.

The only exception I can think of, which would be extremely rare, is if it was a case of "statutory rape" in which it was just a matter of age (like a 16 year old getting a 15 year old pregnant through hypothetically consensual sex even though 16 is the legal year of consent).

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