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RSS Grenache

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1 point

You’re a fool to waste any amount of time on astrology.

1) There is neither logic nor hard evidence to indicate astrology influences our actual lives.

2) The descriptions of the signs are based on constellations. The traits assigned to different signs are arbitrary. A half dozen stars in a constellation could have just as easily been called some other animal or thing. The illusion of the constellation only looks that way from earth because some of the stars are further away than others and would look differently from any other direction.

3) The cosmos has been in motion and now the constellations over head at birth are several signs off from when the Zodiac was created. Meaning when you wax on about how awesome Scorpio describes you you’re disproving the Zodiac because that really wasn’t your sign at birth anyway.

4) it was never explained why birth sign matters but somehow conception and every alignment of stars after birth somehow are secondary to what was at moment of birth. Logically if the stars do influence us then they would ALWAYS influence us, meaning you should not even have a sign. Earthlings would all share the same fate.

1 point

If you pull a laptop out with little kids they’re going to grab at it and ask for play on it. If you pull out a phone you’ll be faster access and can stand up to keep it out of reach.

2 points

When my kids pretend to have an ice cream shop at the park I always ask for frog ice cream.

1 point

Declaring “fake news” is a form of propaganda. And propaganda is organized misinformation.

1 point

They probably want freedom from religion.

Hey, if you believe they’re going to hell for it then why not just be quiet and let them burn?

3 points

Sounds nuts to me.

But hey, why aren’t you praising this? I thought you’d be encouraging wacky progressive suicides instead of mocking them?

1 point

Scaphism. Basically you’ll be trapped in a boat hull or hollowed out log with just your head and extremities protruding. And then you’ll be force fed milk and honey. Eventually you get terrible diarrhea. Then more milk and honey is poured on and insects are allowed to colonize. It takes a very very long time to die but you’ll feel and smell it all the way.

Thank the Persians.

3 points

Doplhings are better at spelling and grammar than you are.....................

Grenache(6094) Clarified
1 point

Well, you’re in Oklahoma, so you should have plenty of people who can answer those questions for you first hand.

1 point

Nope, they both look like me and are as White as you can get without being albino.

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