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RSS Grenache

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Hillarious. So basically you're saying believing there was a holocaust and thinking critics of it are being contrarian is simply self preservation and not accepting truth. You just go on believing that, it's sure to take you far.

1 point

No. It's simply pro-choice. And it doesn't bore you to preach, it's the whole reason you're in here launching debates almost no one is unbanned to participate in.

1 point

That's a fair point. Probably because it bothers him so much. He goes out of his way to ban opposition and when it doesn't work it pains him.

1 point

No, I'm merely pro-choice for the mom. And the other difference is I have a sense of humor in my posts on this site and you're a bore.

0 points

If the Aztecs preyed only on Democrats you'd have loved them.

1 point

1) Alabama wants him there, and he truly represents Alabama,

2) Until Trump is out the Swamp is still taking new memberships,

3) At least the poor girls in Alabama will get a break for a while. And the DC girls are already used to the added attention.

1 point

Any benefit provided to the people in any nation would be guilty of this, meaning it wouldn't just be true in social democracy but in monarchy, communism, totalitarianism, etc., unless they simply provided zero benefit of any kind to their people. And in the zero benefit scenario they essentially stop being a government and instead become a criminal organization.

Logically, you're saying the only thing that works is a criminal organization. Take take take what you want from people, give them nothing back. Because anything you give back degrades your resources and overall capabilities.

I'd rather just live in a social democracy.

1 point

It's about time they turned a profit at something other than arms sales. ....................................................

3 points

Just feed plants to a pig and then eat the pig. ....................................................

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