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RSS Grenache

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1 point

Face it, the internet is the Wild West, and debate websites by their very nature are packed with people playing games. Plus, the moment every jokester is identified and kicked out is the moment these sites become so boring and dry that they die.

Your best strategy, as I try to employ, is to just be yourself and state your case wherever you want to state it, and don't get all freaked out by the games players.

1 point

The risk of abuse of power with this is tremendous and quite frankly an unthinkable risk in a society with constitutionally protected civil rights.

Yet there's still an even bigger question not yet answered. If you're from the USA but you lose your USA citizenship then what country do you go back to/belong to instead? Not everyone is from one clear foreign origin to send them back to, and even if they were you'd need cooperation from those foreign governments to absorb all these people suddenly without nationalities because they stand accused of lying to their government.

And then a final thought. Trump both through the campaign and after election has told more lies than any President who preceded him. Can Trump then lose his citizenship? And wouldn't it be ironic if his lies about Obama spieing on him were to cause him to lose his citizenship, especially since he argued for so long Obama wasn't even a natural born US citizen?

Grenache(3387) Clarified
1 point

I don't really believe you have nukes, but I'm pretty certain you have a dirty bomb. Don't you, dirty boy?

1 point

There's a pizza place in Jerusalem he really liked. ..........................................................

1 point

You're a subcreature. It would be inexcusable for you NOT to eat that baby. Heck, you should probably eat the first two babies, too. And then eat your extremities digit by digit.

1 point

Every time you relieve an urge through masturbation that's one less time you avoid disease or pregnancy associated with actual intercourse. It's fascinating that right wingers and holy rollers don't endorse and embrace it as part of a solution instead of as a problem.

Just do it some place private, and don't hurt yourself.

1 point

I'm impressed by the degree of sleuthing some of you have done.

This is my third debate website. All the sites had tricksters. And most ticksters have at least one far right conservative character they use to get under others' skin. It only bothers me enough to get me to state my own case and then move on. But I don't really care whether I'm responding to a fake character or a genuine individual player. To me it's all about the opportunity to state my own case and/or to poke holes in the cases of others. I can do that whether Bronto is one avatar or twenty.

And points are for morons. Who cares about who has how many points on an internet site? They have no value beyond bragging rights, and when the trolls try to brag it doesn't impress the rest of us anyway. They're useless.

2 points

There's two kinds of fat people and I'm going to loosely refer to them as the disabled and the abled.

The "disabled" are either clinically disabled or indeed simply unable or unwilling to do basic daily life physical tasks like walk instead of drive or take stairs or be active with their kids. These are the ones most likely to die of disease, or even to just lay there while you're getting it on. Those aren't keepers. In fact I wouldn't even try your strategy of help them loose weight and then reap the rewards, because frankly it's rare they really turn things around.

The "abled" are basically anyone thicker than a supermodel (which is the vast majority of the population) but despite having extra pounds they can and will still be active. There are some who are seriously overweight but they can still dance or screw or play sports, etc. ANY of these are fine to take just the way they are. No need to even reform them. As longs as you're a match and you're attracted then just go for it.

And seriously, the people who aspire to be with supermodels and who then needle their partners to lose weight are just setting themselves up for loneliness.

2 points

Yes of course. But it was a hell of a funny debate heading, wasn't it? And we've got to balance out this site a little or people will mistake it for Breitbart.

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