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RSS Grenache

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1 point

Insert any generic marriage sucks argument. Basically, if you let the gays marry they would be as unhappy as all the straights who get married.

But not me, no. I love my marriage. And am also 100% supportive of gay marriage.

But the above would be a nonreligious reason.

1 point

Apparently I do. Everything I write somehow gets translated by FromWithin into supposedly meaning something pro abortion and pro liberal. I couldn't say hello without it being translated that way.

1 point

Demonstrating you are a single issue character which speaks and acts 100% along party lines. Abortion had nothing to do with the topic above, and your abortion smears have already been addressed by myself and others in a dozen separate debates on this site.

Luckily, even during the moments when society is at its most conservative, the vast majority of people still haven't drank as much poison Koolaid as you have.

1 point

I'm trying to look at this objectively...

All the Abrahamic religions were competing for validity of monotheism when compared against lots of pagan religions with their angry and needy gods. They needed their one god to be a bigger [email protected] than anyone else. And they also needed the masses to fall in line and obey and do what they're told. That's probably where the bully god of the old testament gets all his bite.

But by defining a bully, someone who is going to torture and kill you however it suits him, they all have a moral equivalency. So yes. Yes you are right.

There are elements of differences between each. And there are lessons of love and kindness and compassion. But by claiming the same Abrahamic religion roots they all still own the dick god described within.

1 point

No. And it's thanks to the antivaccine movement that diseases held at bay to near distinction are instead staging a comeback.

2 points

Civilization became more liberal through history for the same reason that religions moved in history from requiring sacrifices to lots of angry gods to instead just loving on behalf of a single loving god... Love wins. And love wins because people vote with their feet. They promote societies where more and more people can get along and grow and thrive, and they burn the societies that from time to time burn them for no good reason.

Conservative Christians who think someday modern societies will all march in bootstep with hardcore Chrisitian ideology forget that the whole reason Christianity succeeded was because it wasn't just a bunch of dicks in power telling the masses you better do this or that or we're going to smite you. Love won then and love will win in the present.

And in terms of liberalism, it is inherent that the people staring down their oppressors get lumped in with the liberals and the people doing all the oppressing are lumped in with the conservatives. You can't be uptight about how other people are and not be a conservative. And you can't be on the fringe just trying to survive and not be a liberal.

1 point

A member of my wife's family, close to us, was an alcoholic who eventually developed dementia from it and over a spiral of decline eventually had his body shut down and die from it. There are many ways alcohol can kill you.

But with that said, there are many people who drink alcohol without becoming alcoholics or doing serious damage to themselves, and there is plenty of evidence of beneficial health from moderate drinking of some types of alcoholic beverages.

Basically, if you're going to drink, please drink responsibly.

1 point

The trick is to not be liberal or conservative.

We need more moderates. We need more people willing to listen to both sides and choose the best ideas regardless of what side it originates from. Because face it, the moment you label yourself one or the other, or turn to the ideology of one side to understand and explain sociopolitical issues, is the moment you lose the ability to try to be objective.

2 points

Size and shape of particular regions of the brain. The variations in those sizes can probably be caused by any of the following: genetics, trauma, environmental exposures, even plain old luck. I wouldn't be surprised if someday scientists discover hard evidence linking to a chemical we thought was harmless but turns out is not.

1 point

There are many credible scientific sources confirming there is no link between vaccines and autism. But I'l paste in this one because it's from the autism research community itself...

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