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RSS Grenache

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1 point

The problem with taking the law into your own hands is you cannot possibly know all the factors that lead up to who or what you are dealing with. For example:

The trespasser you shoot may just be a drunk, or someone's grandma suffering from dementia

When you respond to a person yelling "help, thief" by beating up the alleged thief you may find out the person yelling is just a jilted girlfriend exacting revenge - which you just carried out on an innocent person

When you firebomb a drug kingpen operation it may turn out they were squatting in the home of someone out of the country for the summer and utterly unaware their house was being used

When you puncture the tires on a giant SUV you may think you're saving the planet from waste and pollution, only to find out a family with 6 kids needed a car that size because it's the best way to transport all their kids in car seats at the same time

Hey, we've all had scenarios where someone got really really mad about something and you had to calm them down because they didn't understand as much as they thought they did. Vigilantes are those angry "I'm going to do something and do it now" people, and it's up to the rest of us to appropriately say "hold on there, let's talk about this first..."

1 point

You thought deeper than most on this subject and I think you're accurate.

I also want to add that although I respect when people go on crusades to try to make their world a better place they often do it without a) fully understanding how the real world works, and b) giving fair consideration to the opposing opinions.

1 point

Thank you for sharing, but do you realize you are rambling? It is hard to discern exactly what we're responding to in this debate. And then you cap it off with you're going to change the world. Nice. But how are you going to do that when I'm the only one who took a moment to respond to this hot mess?

Hey, I've been there. True story... decades ago I had a quiet night time concierge job which allowed me hours and hours to read and think and write. Over time I'd built a massive collection of musings I thought was gold. And then I moved on to another job and stopped for a while. By the time I came back and read what I wrote I recognized it as ramblings I really didn't want anyone else to ever read. I ended up destroying it.

ALL of us, because we're human, can have times we think so hard and so long about something we just take it too far. Rereading just your title - "THE FINE LINE BETWEEN A EVIL RELIGIOUS DICTATOR AND UNIVERSAL ENLIGHTENMENT" - is there a chance that's the case here?

1 point

Indeed it should. Also, your school still needs to focus on remedial English.

1 point

I believe most people are indeed judged by the content of their character. However, I believe the legacy of generations of bigotry still means certain groups still have less advantage to get ahead in life.

Hey, you can wake up from the dream but still not be in avalon yet.

1 point

The premise holding your debate together is that being born with a particular gender's sexual organs automatically makes you then and forever a member of that gender according to science. That is not a science argument. That is merely a simple definition, and not necessarily of science origin.

In fact if you google simply "science explains homosexuality" you get a long list of very good references to science articles covering many potential explanations for why homosexuals and transexuals could exist. Here's simply one.

So we are not science deniers. Instead you are simply science naive.

3 points

The only difference between an evil god and a good god is the evil one doesn't have to pretend to be good.

Hey, look, I believe in and strive to be good, because that's who I want to be. Others may get there because they're afraid their god will spank them if they're not good. Personally I can get there without the threat of you'll do it or else. But as you turn to justify your belief in god and then look down your nose at me or others for daring to be without speaking the god language then that's the point you true believers are passing through the mirror to be followers of the evil god. You literally think anything you say or do to a nonchristian is justified. And if someday you go shoot up an abortion clinic, or a gay club, or a nonchristian place of worship, etc, you indeed will be doing it for an evil god.

1 point

My deepest apologies. ...................................................................

1 point

PBS is nontoxic to most cells so it's an easy decision to use it unless your experiment simply doesn't need it.

1 point

I think science found an early fossil of one of god's ancestors. It's a small rodent-like creature which probably burrowed into dinosaur dung. Then through spotty fossil records they traced it to our modern day SaintNow / NowASaint. But alas, he denies evolution exists, so he doesn't accept science's evidence or theory about it.

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