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RSS Grenache

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Grenache(4838) Clarified
1 point

Is that nastier than stinky fish, funky cheese, raw oysters, etc? Must we say no to every scenario where some subgroup of people think the food is nasty?

1 point

She should take that off immediately......................................................

1 point

No, but that's because I grow hot peppers in my garden and put actual hot peppers in my cooking instead. I do it all summer long, and have enough freezer peppers, dried peppers, or chili oil, to do it almost as much all winter.

Sauces have their time and place but I can get a bigger variety of heats and flavors thanks to the garden.

1 point

1) Germany, the birthplace of the hotdog, has the famous currywurst, which is basically a mild hotdog with ketchup on it which has been blended with curry. It's one of the most popular dishes in the nation, and it basically takes all that the no ketchup on a hotdog side believes is gross and adds curry to it to make it grosser.

2) Ketchup is a vinegar based sauce and in that respect it isn't dramatically different from mustard or relish or BBQ sauce.

3) Who the hell do you think you are to tell the rest of the world what they can't eat?

1 point

This could go either way. But it seems to me the type of people who insist by definition it can't be a sandwich are also the type who would insist you must never ever put ketchup on a hotdog. Which bothers me. It bothers me enough I think I'll start a separate debate about it.

Hey. It's meat. It's in the middle of bread. It's a sandwich.

1 point

Some abortions should be legal for some reasons. How many and for what reasons is where most of the debate takes place. UNLESS you're one of the people believing there should be zero. And my replies to the position of zero are:

1) Most of the world disagrees with you. The ban it all crowd can point to only about 4 places in the world where that exists and most of those are quite backward nations.

2) Nothing in history bestowed greater freedom for women to control their own lives and destinies than the right to have an abortion. I don't want to roll that back.

3) Society has many scenarios where killing is considered justified and this is just one of them.

4) If every aborted child was instead born society would be crushed, poverty would be far worse, and I sincerely do not believe the pro-lifers would be in front adopting and raising the throngs of the unwanted.

5) The religious reasons some claim are significantly minimized if you live in a society with freedom of religion. Just because your religion believes something does not automatically mean all the rest of the people in your nation have to comply with what that is.

1 point

It is reasonable for two reasons

1) You own the site. It's your rules and preferences. If they don't like it then they can go start their own.

2) Anyone can ask anyone to do anything. They may not get their way, they may face counter arguments, but that remains to be seen.

Personally, I believe a strong debater has more than one way to make their point. So if you take the N word out of their toolbag then should have plenty of other options left, unless that was all they had to start with, and then I don't feel sorry for them at all.

2 points

He has his moments.

Actually about half the right wingers I've talked to on debate websites have some level of sense of humor. I'm far more annoyed with the humorless conservatives.

There used to be a tradition that people on opposite sides, whether it was a game or politics or cultures or whatever, could after the contest shake hands or go have a beer together. I think Bronto is more like that, whereas a couple of the other hardcore conservatives in here are full of too much bile to be sports about it.

2 points

If there is legal base to believe they are criminal then I'd say yes. So for example, if Clinton ran again then there probably is a basis.

There has to be a legal basis though It can't just be just because they're running against the ruling party.

1 point

US politics is packed with liars at all levels. But what Trump has demonstrated is 10 fold the usual quantity and quality of lies that one politician can put out while still somehow remaining in power.

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