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RSS Gubbh

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1 point

Sorry if didn’t understand. Can you explain, what you said again.

1 point

Who created this all? It’s the God. He planted such seeds in human minds, and gave them life here. And now harvesting what he sow?!!

Isn’t it?!!

Humans are only doing the best of their given/limited abilities.

You can go kill somebody, but the ability was first given by god.

Free will is not really a free will. The earth is a prison, you can’t even walk off to the edge of the planet and jump off.

Evil forbid, you commit suicide, you may be reincarnated again without your will.

We are all here without our consent. Is that enough why is god responsible?!!

Ps- evil forbid, you rebirth as a retard, and can’t even commit suicide, just walk earth like fool till death takes you.

1 point

Got nothing to with debate. Thanks for the useless info. But appreciated for replying.

1 point

Indian food.

Chinese food torture for food stops me to eat there meat.

1 point

The whole question is about God and it’s creation??

Why did he do? What he has done already?!

Please try to understand that God is not what you may think he is. And I may be thinking of it as wrong, as well.

But looking at what exists right now, from past history. All I’m saying that planet earth is a cursed place.

1 point


Ps - if you love lions so much, would you leave your baby alone with a hungry lion, tiger, domesticated cat etc etc, or with a hungry elephant, horse, cow etc etc

Evil and evil is all i understand from this world.

Pps- those who going to say, it’s the reality of life, ecosystem balance, must happen this particular way to keep the life going. Then, pls. I don’t wanna live in this world no more. It could have had made in a better way, not this poorly designed prison earth 🌏.

I am here on earth without my consent, so are all other living beings. It’s a one big prison, where you can’t escape from. Can’t even walk to the edge of the earth to jump off.

Can’t sit and wait for magic to happen, cause you will starve in no time.

It has to be figured out, and all living beings should be freed from this plan of existence.

- I’m not here to create enemies. But rather here to seek help and solution to this existence.

I can leave you guys alone anytime you want, just make me sure that I won’t be sent back here again on earth without my consent.

Thanks all!!

1 point


Predators first choice is to get the babies of herbivores, or the weak ones.

So, what do you understand from that, about our own human animal existence as well??!!

A question to all: who say god is a loving and forgiving entity.

Or to those who say, life is good. With or without god.

How can you be satisfied with this existence of the life, when there are so many of poor humans are struggling and dying, and so many innocent living beings are getting killed for the taste of food. (The non-vegetarian predators)??

How can you even begin to laugh like an evil in this world?!!

Please explain.


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Winning Position: How difficult is it to understand God or the nature of existence of all spiritual beings?

About Me

"Here to find answers to the questions and or to the mysteries of the world we live in. prefer vege"

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Canada
Religion: Other
Education: Post Grad

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