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RSS Gypsee

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1 point

Do you take every word in the New Testament literally ?

If yes, I don't understand. If it were that easy we wouldn't need priests to interpret the Bible, no?

3 points

It is horrible what we are doing to words. We throw them out there and not even know what they mean.

Fascism is an idea. If you are antifascist you don't believe in fascism. Now is your question: do antifascist deep down actually agree with fascists?

Communists are communist. Fascists are fascist.

It's like saying are democrats republican. It's nonsense.

Gypsee(246) Clarified
2 points

I completely agree that the nazi/white comparison is incorrect. But I just wanted to note slavery isn't the grudge most black people are holding today. I think the days of segregation hold most of the hate black people are feeling. The kinda legal lynchings, aggressions, beatings, killings of people based on their color isn't some old thing. Segregation ended in ยด64. A lot of people today know how that was and still have that fear of white people. Also there are some white people who lived in that era as well. So maybe most white people don't support slavery but there are quite few that don't view black people as their equals. But as time advanced most of those leftover black and white people from that era are dying. So with time, that type of issue should decrease just like the acceptance of slavery diminished with time.

1 point

Several remarks:

Slavery isn't the only thing black people went through. I think slavery is forgiven. The fresh wound is as recent of the holocost : segregation.

There are black grandparents who lived those years of fearing white people. That means there are parents who did not necessarily experience it but were tought not to forgive or forget. So most children today, might tought not to forget.

And that is the only thing that I insist on: FORGIVE BUT NEVER FORGET.

Hate hurts but forgetting just opens the possibility for similar atrocities to occur again.

1 point

Nooo. Why would you let in a man who says he wants to kill you ?

And as for aliens, you don't know what their intentions are, so yeah welcome them.

But I see where you are getting at. What I mean is that Americans don't welcome Americans. We are a people of different backgrounds, religions, and cultures. We pretend to be open to the world but we aren't even tolerant towards each other. That is more of the point I wanted to make. I know that we have a problem with Muslims from the Middle East but the problem is deeper than that. We have problems with Muslims in general. They can be American and it doesn't matter. The US has serious internal issues that are reflected strongly in their actions internationally. We act internationally in the name of liberty and democracy but Because of the intolerance between us, it makes us look like hypocrites.

This has been a VERY long problem. We've just come to realize it. I really think that until our issues are solved we can't properly fight international issues. But I'm going off subject.

1 point

I am not at all Trump's fan. We simply don't have the same political position. I don't know if he is racist or sexist or facist. Honestly, I don't have enough information to judge. I wasn't happy when he got elected but if there is anything Trump did is awake the hatred that has been strewing in our hearts for years. He didn't create it. He poked us in way that finally we are exteriorating it. It's about time we face these issues instead of lying to ourselves and the world that we welcome all people. We don't. Not anymore.

Trump showed us, liberals and conservative, to stop with the bullshit and say what you really think. I don't believe a president should do the same but I do believe that a population should. It is only by expressing yourself with other that problems and issues can be solved.

I say it's about time the punches let loose. Our country needs it.

Gypsee(246) Clarified
1 point

Wouldn't pressuring China with a trade embargo hurt the US too ?

1 point

You need to be on the receiving end of Serena William's fists. Then, tell me that women can't be as strong if not stronger than men if they are trained. Physical strength isn't even half of what is needed to be a real soldier. It's all in the character. strength in character is developed equally no matter the sex, ethnicity or gender or sexual orientation.

1 point

I suppose that if you said socialism fails, you are comparing it capitalism.

I mean socialism doesn't have the same objectives as capitalism. Socialism is society oriented and capitalism is money oriented. In a ideal socialist world, money loses its value if everyone is equal ( I just impulsively said this, so I am be incredibly wrong). I don't think economic development is their ultimate goal. Money also isn't what they believe will make people happy.

1 point

this is maybe a point you can explain to me, isn't stopping Islamists from coming here encouraging them to join the extremists?

As our doors close, ISIS's army gets stronger... No? Why don't we play the same game ISIS is playing. Open our arms to Muslims, offer them shelter, food, a job and teach them the" western "ways. The strength of ISIS is all in their Muslim followers. If we take their followers ISIS gets weaker.

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