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RSS Gypsee

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1 point


Okay that is incredibly not true. maybe explain what you meant when you said, I do not want to twist your words

1 point

Yes, that is what they are saying. What is bothering you with what I said?

1 point

American culture is ENTIRELY based on a mixture of foreign cultures. So, I am not sure I understand how American culture will be washed out in 30 years.

1 point

It's always the Russians isn't it. If there is something I hope our country will learn with Trump's election is l'esprit critique.

Soyons fou let's suppose that the Russians are behind Trump's election and the California Secession Movement. If there is one thing in common with both events is that it is dividing Americans. We all know that divided population is a weak population.

I think the real reason they are threatening to leave is to get attention. Californians probably felt that their voices were not being heard throughout the whole election. It started with the epic fail of Hilary winning California when clearly Bernie should have. It ends with the painful loss when Trump won.

California does feed the US ( although that is as risk because of the drought caused by the imaginary climate change) and is a strong economic power. The only thing they will lose is the military protection. We know the hippies will be too high to lift a finger if their borders are attacked.

California is nothing without a funny president to criticize all the time. California needs the US just as much as the US needs California.

1 point

Trump did win. And if some people disagree with what he does they will not stand in their corner and say nothing. That is a mistake Democrats won't do twice or at least shouldn't do twice.

1 point

What do you suggest as an alternative to animal testing?

Do you know how the testing is legally done in the US?

I say legally because many facilities do horrible animal testing in illegal conditions.

1 point

That was not my question. My question was about Trump not Obama.

1 point

So Trump did not put a ban on the immigration of Muslims from seven ( is it seven ?) countries? Please explain to me how that is a lie because if that is not true a lot of people are angry for no reason.

1 point

How does the Obama administration have anything to do with Trump's wall and 20% tax?

Gypsee(189) Clarified
1 point

In the march's policy document, it supported abortion rights (a woman's right for now). So, having pro-life at the march is like having a pro-Hillary at a Trump rally. You cannot expect people to not yell at each other. They support opposite things...

But what you are saying is not true. Pro life people were allowed to march and they did. They were sometimes confronted by people who disagreed with them though. They had rough time actually. How is that shocking?

And more I think of it, the March was about more than just abortion rights. So, being pro life shouldn't be an issue.

However, pro life wasn't the ideas this march was fighting for. These woman were fighting for a set list of things they believe in and pro-life wasn't one of them. It is absurd that people join the march to fight for an idea that the march is specifically fighting against.

These women marching believe what they want and fight for the ideas the believe in. What is the problem? What do you want them to do? They explicitly said what they are not happy with. Explicitly said what they want. What is the problem? I did not understand what exactly bothered you about the March and what EXACTLY is hypocritical about the march.

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