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10 most recent arguments.
Gypsee(180) Clarified
1 point

In the march's policy document, it supported abortion rights (a woman's right for now). So, having pro-life at the march is like having a pro-Hillary at a Trump rally. You cannot expect people to not yell at each other. They support opposite things...

But what you are saying is not true. Pro life people were allowed to march and they did. They were sometimes confronted by people who disagreed with them though. They had rough time actually. How is that shocking?

And more I think of it, the March was about more than just abortion rights. So, being pro life shouldn't be an issue.

However, pro life wasn't the ideas this march was fighting for. These woman were fighting for a set list of things they believe in and pro-life wasn't one of them. It is absurd that people join the march to fight for an idea that the march is specifically fighting against.

These women marching believe what they want and fight for the ideas the believe in. What is the problem? What do you want them to do? They explicitly said what they are not happy with. Explicitly said what they want. What is the problem? I did not understand what exactly bothered you about the March and what EXACTLY is hypocritical about the march.

1 point

I believe he also cannot spell "moot". The fall hurts after getting on such a high horse.

Gypsee(180) Clarified
1 point

I'm so sorry... I don't understand your question. Can you rephrase it please :/

1 point

Let's continue with your analogy.

I say: " There are white people in Africa"

You say:"Yes but most Africans are black"

I say: "Maybe they are but when I meet a white person it is stupid of me to assume that he is not African."

All I am saying is that, you can't say ALL terrorists are Muslim. That is an incorrect statement that I proved with a counterexample. You can't even say most terrorists are Muslims.

Being Muslim and being a terrorist has NO theoretical or empirical connection whatsoever. NO EQUIVALENCE and NO IMPLICATION. I promise to admit I am wrong if you can show me either an implication or equivalence.

To assume that when you meet a Muslim that he is a terrorist or meet a terrorist and think he is Muslim is a judgement based on insufficient information.

2 points

Read about what is going on in Central African Republic. Terrorist killing in the name of Christianity.

Jewish terrorists 12/151224-israel-jewish-terrorism-arson-christian-church-multiplication/

I believe there is also the saffron terrorists (Hindu terrorism).

The only reason we only hear about Muslim terrorists is because they attacked on our ground. I will remind you that these Muslim terrorists kill a LOT MORE Muslims than non-Muslims.

1 point

This is very shocking to read. Why are you angry with your mother? Is she a feminist ? She must have done something terrible to deserve such a name. And even... I would never allow myself to disrespect my mother that way. She fed me, gave me a home. But hey who am I to judge right? Maybe she beat you or killed someone?

1 point

No no dear, I believe it is a sort of choice. The same choice you make when you realize you prefer thin than fat. You don't really know why but you do.

What I was doing is reductio ad absurdum.It is a form of argument which attempts either to disprove a statement by showing it inevitably leads to a ridiculous, absurd, or impractical conclusion, or to prove one by showing that if it were not true, the result would be absurd or impossible. So usually you start with "Suppose that homosexuality is a mental disorder". It is a method i like using because my opponent doesn't feel attacked. My goal is to understand your reason and either make you clarify your point of view or make you realize on your own what it entails.

And when I say human aren't stupid, I mean that when humans need to reproduce they will. If they don't they won't.

(Side note: I believe that today the pressure to reproduce is very low. We are reaching our carrying capacity, our resources are very limited. I could actually say that looking at our situation, reproduction is selfish. I want to have kids because it feels like an living art project. It wouldn't be to have help on the farm. Selfish isn't it?

But that is another issue.)

So they know what is right...right? To have kids. Yet they are still involved in it. Then it means it is an illment like HIV AIDs, they don't have a solution(they are not searching) to so they live with it.

Yes, my end argument is that they know what to do. They reproduce. So, your argument about homosexuals doing wrong because they don't reproduce is invalid. What you find is wrong is their attraction.

Going back to your island. So if we were to put homosexual men on an island, of course they will all die. If you also put only heterosexual men on an island, they will all die. You put only homosexual women on an island they will all die. You put heterosexual women on an island they will all die. What is your point? Did I misunderstand the experiment because all your experiment proves is that, no matter the sexuality, to survive men need women and women need men. Your experiment would have made more sense if you put homosexual men and homosexual women on an island. Their survival will show whether their sexuality is choice or a disease.

So, okay your disgust is towards male homosexuality. What are your thoughts on female homosexuality?

And once again i am still perplexed. Your hate does not make sens. It would only make sens if you thought it was a choice. But you don't. Suppose it is a sickness. Why would you hate someone sick? It is not their fault they are sick.

I have been with people in school(boarding) for 3yrs.

When they came in the first year, they weren't gay. But before the end of the third year........ They gained accommodative butt holes.

Gays don't keep to themselves. I had a friend Eric who originally entered school(different from the boarding school) as a gay(i don't know where he was initiated). He didn't know i knew he was gay. Whenever i walked with him, he spanked my ass a lot.( I Suspected he wanted to trigger some disgustful pleasures in me).

I hated it so much but i never mentioned it cos i didn't want to be rude.Thank God he got himself into some trouble so he left(not sacked....his uncle took him out) the school and my ass in peace.

I conclude: gay is contagious.

Okay that isn't empirical proof that it is contagious but your experience does explain your hate. I hate it when men do that to me. Keep your hands to yourself ! It is a disgusting act. But it never led me to believe that all men are disgusting and disrespectful.

Your so called "friend" was disrespectful and I would hate him too. He had no right right to touch you that way. I hope you understand that it wouldn't have been rude to tell him to leave you alone.

Gypsee(180) Clarified
1 point

How is it racist? His argument does not even mention race...

Please note that he said " black and white " with small b and a small w. That means he is talking about the color not the race.

1 point

OOps.. Please Excuse my careless mistakes...

My question still stands though... How is being around homosexuals increase the chances of becoming homosexual? Do you fear to catch homosexuality?

I will ask a question and I would like a real answer (spare me the insults). Are you a Nazi? If you are not, I am sorry for the offense. But if you are it would explain a lot and I know what questions to ask you in the future.

If 10000 gays were given a country of their own away from other parts of the world, supplied with all resources they will ever need, in 100 years time, how many gays will be left on the land?

I actually believe humans aren't that stupid. If there were only gays on the land and constant ressources, the population will grow until it reaches its carrying capacity. Probably, homosexual's biotic potential is maybe a bit lower but it is still there. They have the potential to reproduce. The choice to not reproduce when population levels are critical goes against human nature. Choice presents itself only when the possibilities aren't death and eventual extinction.

They will reproduce. They need young hands to be able to work the land and grow food anyways. They will reproduce in order to survive. Unless, homosexuality is indeed a mental disorder and therefore not a choice. In that case, their potential to survive is lowered because their sexuality will never change.

And final comment: Homosexuals do have kids and not always through adoption. Many want to have kids. They can have kids actually. They can reproduce. They still have functioning genitals. A couple of my friends have homosexual parents. If they really want kids what stops them? Sexuality only determines who you have sex with for the purposes of pleasure.

But then, if you believe it is not a choice, your hatred and disgust doesn't make sense... Do you hate people who have cancer? Would you kill your child if he had cancer?

1 point

How is homosexuality a dangerous disease ? I find it to be a very interesting choice of words. I've never heard someone say that homosexuality is dangerous ... You're making it sound contagious, like it is malaria. How is homosexuality dangerous to the person and to the people around ? I hope you don't mind elaborating. I am very curious.

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