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1 point

Christians are the most persecuted religion in the world. It is a shame that media does not cover it more because then people like stipulate incorrect and unbased reason.

It is not untrue that Islam revives the hatred for Christianity. However, it certainly doesn't mean that if Islam were to disappear, the hatred would be gone. And no I am not talking about atheists. There are Christians persecuted in south america by narcotraficants and in south east Asia ( Vietnam, and Burma)

First of to explain the numbers, it statistically makes sense since there are 2,3 millions Christians (2014). However, a number that be interesting is what portion is persecuted. In any case whether the percentage is big or small, it is lives of people.

Second, the area where the number of Christians are increasing is in the orient. In many countries, it is seen as a menace to their culture (like India, Once again it does not make it an excuse. I am pointing that out because in France for example the rise of nationalism and anti Islamic mentalities use the argument of " preserve the French culture ". In his China for example, the rise in Christianity around the mid 70 was and is considered a menace to their "laic" government system. In soudi Arabia, the big flux of Christian workers from the Philipines triggers fear from the conservative Muslims who desire to keep their culture.

It could be interesting the remark that maybe the increase religious persecution is a product of globalization. Evey country is fighting to keep their culture.

Third, Christianity is greatly associated to the Occident. They are the easy target to unleash their anti American/ anti European frustrations.

I wrote this on my way to work so if there are mistakes people let me know.

Religious wars is old and the results is massive deaths and temporary peace until someone missteps. Maybe I am wrong, but I feel that fear of our kids losing their original culture fuels a lot of religious hatred. I believe I see a peaceful permanent solution. The only one I see is keeping religion personal.

The reason I chose this side is because I am not putting you in the bucket of Christians. Many Christians are moral and respectful of other religions. it is sad for the Christians who lived their lives without demonizing the faith of others. However, I will not lie when I read your reasons, one could judge you as closer to extream Islam. But it do not know you so I gave the benefit of the doubt.

1 point

Even though words are important. It is known that actions speak louder than words. I mean, I find it ridiculous for us to expect that Trump will do everything he said he would do during his campaign. He said those things without knowing how things really are. Just like Obama said things during his campaign without really knowing how things are. As long as Trump follows his values there is no problem.

What I have is he values the life of babies and money. So ultimately his attack on Syria was either a justice action or an economic action. In either case, I am not sure it was the best move. But we'll see.

2 points

I understand and see the difficulty of obtaining democrat votes. I just want an explanation as to why it is difficult to have conservative votes ?

1 point

How is sudden changes in weather not proof of climate change?

Doesn't EIA's data illustrate climate change?

2 points

We get it. No obamacare.

The way I see it, the only way for trump to pass something is to, as you said, get votes from both parties. This is not an easy task because it involves persuading people who disagree with you in advance. BUT, every president has to go through that. It's part of the job.

We can blame democrats for being stubborn, but the fact that he couldn't even convince Republicans (when Republicans didn't sign for obamacare in the first place) indicates that Trump isn't that great of a seller.

One thing is sure, if he continues to do things this way, he will

get nothing done. the voters will see what Trump did. They will then decide if it is worth continuing with him. If after four years, trump gives no hope of possible change, he will be out. Unfortunately for republicans, if trump fails they fail too.

2 points

So are there just Asian Muslims or Muslim Asians ? They have to be one or the other because they can't be both.

Your sentence is the incredibly absurd.

Asian: continental identity

Muslims: religious identity

Being an Asian Muslim is equivalent to being a Muslim Asian.

We have an Asian Muslim. He is Asian and believes in Islam.

We have a Muslim Asian. He believes in Islam and is Asian.

2 points

She is racist and incredibly stupid. It's so annoying...These women shouldn't be allowed to be called feminists on Wikipedia. She is a sexist and racist.

That isn't my point though.

My point is you have more in common with her than you think. Not saying you are racist or stupid but you use arguments that are as absurd and illogical as hers.

1 point

These Muslims are French. If there is anything the french would die for is for liberté, égalité et la fraternité.

2 points

Your logic is as imbecilic as hers.

I think you've found your yang.

1 point

1) Have you ever seen an abortion procedure being done?

Morally supported two friends. One had an abortion after 1 month and a half of pregnancy. The other after 3 months. They both had to go through different procedures. I never ever want to be in their position. The decision was difficult and morally depressing. The pill had her throw up for days and have terrible cramps for weeks. The vacuum looked painful but was mostly morally depressing.

I think that women are not informed very well about the procedures. Abortion is NOT an easy experience. It is terrible. I think that abortion is mostly showed as a possibility when you are pregnant and you don't want to continue the pregnancy. If they explicitly explained the procedure and the moral and physical effects of abortion, I think many women will be more careful and responsible. I have to admit that what stopped and stops me from having unprotected sex was mostly STDs. The reason is because my mother showed me gruesome pictures when I young. It wasn't until I saw the experience of abortion that I started taking the pill and using a condom. It isn't something I never want to go through.

2) What happens during an abortion procedure? Describe it in as much detail as possible.

I couldn't see the "Vaccum Aspiration" but I heard about it from my friend.

Position on the exam table in the same position used for a pelvic exam, with your feet on stirrups while lying on your back.

Insert a speculum into the vagina.

Clean the vagina and cervix with an antiseptic solution.

Inject a numbing medicine (local anesthetic) in the cervix. Medicine for pain or sedation, in addition to the local anesthetic, may be given by mouth or through a vein (intravenously). Vasopressin, or a similar medicine that slows uterine bleeding, may be mixed with the local anesthetic to reduce blood loss.

Grasp the cervix with an instrument to hold the uterus in place.

Open (dilate) the cervical canal with a small instrument. Dilation reduces the risk of any injury to the cervix during the procedure.

Pass a thin tube (cannula) into the cervical canal, and apply suction to gently remove all tissue from the uterus. As the uterine tissue is removed, the uterus will contract. Most women feel cramping during the procedure. The cramps will decrease after the tube is removed. Some women also may have nausea or sweating or feel faint.

The pill well the effects were severe nausea, depression, heavy bleeding, terrible cramps. It is a worse version of the morning after pill but for 7 days. I've taken the morning after a couple times: made me very sick. Look it up for details.

The other procedures I do not know about through experience. The other procedures are for late pregnancies. It seems that the further the abortion is the more painful and psychologically damaging.

3) Do you think it is okay to cut up a baby and then vacuum it out of its mothers uterus?

I am guessing you are talking about the abortions procedure after 12 weeks. It sounds like a such a terrible procedure for the mother to go through... Are you okay with the ones before 12 weeks (the pill)?

4) If the baby is not a human, what is it?

The species of the future baby is human.

5) If life does not begin at conception, when does it begin?

What is life? If the organism has the capacity for growth, functional activity, and continual change preceding death, it is alive. That is the determining condition to life. Anything that does not consume to survive is not alive.

6) If you do not know when life begins, how could you make such a hazardous presumption?

Now, according to my answers, I am a killer of babies. I will take it. I mean technically according the definition of life, abortion ends life. So, does masturbation, antibiotics, hunting, wars, suicide...

The reason I am pro-choice isn't because of the definition of life.

No matter what you say the being growing inside my uterus, "breathing" my oxygen, consuming my food depends on my survival. What I do to MY body is MY business. And the fetus is part of me. So, no one external to me has a say.

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